SARMs PCT: Which SARMs Require A Post Cycle Therapy? (2022)

There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding running a good SARMs post cycle therapy, or PCT for short—and we want to clear it all up.

Some SARMs will suppress your testosterone levels while you’re on cycle, so if you don’t do a post cycle therapy the right way, you’re hurting yourself.

The right PCT can be the difference between keeping most of your gains post cycle, and feeling great, or losing a ton of gains and having low test.

So, please pay attention and read this article from start to finish, because we’ll give you the scientific facts on how to run a proper SARMs PCT.

How Does A PCT Work?


Post cycle therapy, or PCT for short, is the idea that you take a certain drug (or more than one) to help return testosterone levels to normal post cycle.

While using SARMs, for example, your natural testosterone production may lower (depending on the SARM), which can lead to problems post cycle.

The idea behind a post cycle therapy, or PCT for short, is that it “jump starts” the process of getting your natural testosterone levels back up to normal, after your body has lowered production for 8-12 weeks on SARMs.

A good PCT is definitely required after a steroid cycle, but do SARMs require a PCT? If so, how should you do one properly? Keep reading to find out.

Do SARMs Require A PCT?

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Generally speaking, it’s best to run a post cycle therapy after a SARMs cycle, to get your natural testosterone levels back up to normal, especially if you’re using some of the most powerful, best SARMs that we have reviewed on this website.

While on cycle, your body will lower testosterone production, because of all the SARMs binding to androgen receptors, blocking out testosterone.

In short, yes, most SARMs should be followed up with a proper post cycle therapy to ensure natural testosterone levels get back to normal.

Certain SARMs are more suppressive to testosterone production than others, although most of them are not as suppressive as an average steroid.

Does RAD 140 Require A PCT?

RAD 140 is definitely one of the most popular SARMs on the market right now, so many people wonder if it requires a PCT or not. In our opinion, due to the suppressive nature of this SARM, it is highly recommended that you follow the standard PCT protocol if you’re coming off of RAD 140.

Does Ostarine Require A PCT?

Ostarine is another very popular SARM, due to its ability to help users shred off fat and keep muscle during a bulk. Of course, naturally, many people will wonder if you need to use an Ostarine PCT after your cycle. While Ostarine isn’t as suppressive as many other SARMs, we still urge you to follow a standard PCT protocol after using Ostarine.

Does Cardarine Require A PCT?

Cardarine is a phenomenal SARM used for its many benefits, such as increasing endurance and shredding fat—many sports athletes are using it for the health benefits it offers for cholesterol, as well. Thankfully, due to the fact that Cardarine is not a SARM, but a PPAR Delta Receptor Agonist, you do not need to take a PCT for it.

Does Ligandrol Require A PCT?

Ligandrol, otherwise known as LGD 4033, is another popular bulking SARM, used by lifters and sports athletes to pack on a ton of muscle, enhance protein synthesis, speed up recovery, and more. Do you need a PCT on Ligandrol, though? One study found that hormone levels “returned to baseline after treatment discontinuation,” of Ligandrol, even without using a PCT. [R]

If you want to recover as fast as possible, and keep the muscle you put on while on cycle, however, it is recommended that you do use a PCT after an LGD 4033 cycle. After all, why risk it?

SARMs PCT Protocol

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The most common PCT consists of Nolvadex and Clomid, which is typically the best way to get your natural hormones back on track after using either SARMs or steroids.

Nolvadex, or tamoxifen citrate, is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, which stops many side effects of low testosterone and high estrogen.

Time After CycleDrug & Dosage
Week 140mg/day Nolvadex
50mg/day Clomid
Week 240mg/day Nolvadex
50mg/day Clomid
Week 320mg/day Nolvadex
25mg/day Clomid
Week 420mg/day Nolvadex
25mg/day Clomid

Clomid, or clomiphene on the other hand, is a selective estrogen receptor modulator as well, but it also boosts luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body.

A typical PCT would consist of taking 40 mg of Nolvadex and 50 mg of Clomid for 14 days, then cutting the doses in half for another 14 days.

Nolvadex Guidelines

Nolvadex is a selective estrogen receptor modulator, which will bind to estrogen receptors in your body and prevent post cycle side effects. [R]

This is important, because after using SARMs, your body has lowered testosterone levels, and your estrogen is potentially out of whack, as well.

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So, by taking Nolvadex, you prevent estrogen from binding to an excessive number of receptors in your body, which might lead to side effects.

For a SARMs PCT, the recommended Nolvadex dosage is usually 40 mg for the first 14 days after cycle, and then 20 mg for 14 days after that.

Clomid Guidelines

Clomid, or clomiphene, is another common drug used for post cycle therapy of SARMs, as well as for many steroids such as Test E, Tren Ace, and more.

This drug is not only a selective estrogen receptor modulator, but it also stimulates production of LH, which boosts natural testosterone production.

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It is for this reason that Clomid is often taken to help increase natural testosterone production after any sort of anabolics use that may lower it.

Clomid is typically taken in a dosage of 50 mg for 14 days after a SARMs cycle, and then in a dosage of 25 mg for another 14 days after that.

Where to Get SARMs PCT

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If you’re going to get on SARMs, then getting a post cycle therapy from a high quality SARMs vendor is absolutely critical—don’t miss this.

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The Bottom Line

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In summary, it’s definitely best if you run a post cycle therapy after your SARMs cycle, to bring natural testosterone production back to normal.

Most people will keep around 85% of their gains if they do a good post cycle therapy, like the Nolvadex and Clomid one we discussed up above here.

If you want to get 15% off Nolvadex, Clomid, and anything else, then just use the code “MD15” at checkout and you’ll save yourself at Pure Rawz.

Of course, if you have any questions about how to run a good SARMs post cycle therapy, just let us know in the comments section down below!

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