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5 Amino 1MQ Guide – Benefits, Dosage, and More (2023)

A peptide called 5-amino-1MQ is intended to encourage clinically obese persons to lose weight in a healthy and effective way. It is available in oral capsule form, which can be taken once daily.

This kind of peptide therapy can significantly increase the body’s metabolism and enhance its capacity to burn fat when paired with a low-calorie diet.

5-amino-1MQ might be the answer you’re looking for to help you reach your goals of permanent weight loss and improved future fat burning.

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Methylene Blue Guide: Benefits, Dosage, & More (2022)

Methylene blue was the world’s first synthetic antimalarial drug. Initially synthesized in 1876, it was used against all types of malaria for decades. Its status as an antimalarial drug did take a hit after the development of chloroquine in the 1930s, but MB refused to fade away.

At the time of writing, methylene blue is FDA-approved to treat methemoglobinemia. This is a condition in which the blood loses its ability to carry oxygen. This supplement has also demonstrated efficacy against low blood pressure associated with concurrent kidney and liver failure.

What’s more, recent research has indicated that methylene blue could still be useful for the purpose it was initially synthesized for. This drug has shown efficacy against types of malaria that have grown resistant to other antimalarial drugs, most of which are life-threatening.

This article will tell you all you need to know about Methylene Blue. We’ll start by discussing what this supplement is and how it works. Then we’ll get to the meaty part – the benefits you could get from taking methylene blue and the dosage at which you can expect to acquire them.

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GLP-1 Guide – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and More

Many people underestimate how widespread obesity and type 2 diabetes are in the US. While the former condition affects 41% of adults aged 20 and above, more than 37 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, a number which translates to 1 in every 10 Americans.

As demoralizing as these numbers are, one thing might uplift your mood. GLP-1 receptor agonists, drugs that mimic the action of this hormone, can treat both. Need proof? The FDA has approved many of these medicines as treatments for type-2 diabetes and obesity.

Liraglutide is one such FDA-approved drug that can offer the best of both worlds. Studies show that people who use Liraglutide and make lifestyle changes can lose up to 16 pounds. The decrease in blood sugar levels for those with type 2 diabetes can be in three figures

This article will tell you all you need to know about this GLP-1 receptor agonist. We’ll kick things off by discussing what GLP-1 and Liraglutide are and how they work. Next comes the meaty part – the benefits everyone could acquire by supplementing Liraglutide regularly.

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Erythropoietin (EPO) Guide: Benefits, Dosage, & More (2022)

Erythropoietin contributed to the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong. The seven-time Tour de France champion once admitted that if it weren’t for this drug, it would have been impossible for him to win the titles that he did, with this admission costing him his legacy.

Despite being the drug of choice of arguably the most famous cyclist in history, few people know what Erythropoietin, or EPO, is and what it does to the body. Even fewer people are aware of another thing about EPO: this substance is produced naturally by your body.

Erythropoietin is a hormone produced mainly in your kidneys. At the time of reading, it is busy stimulating the production of red blood cells in your system. How can we be so sure? If your erythropoietin levels were down, you wouldn’t be sitting in a carefree and easy way.

That is because EPO stimulates red blood cell production to prevent your oxygen levels from falling, a condition which leads to shortness of breath, headache, and confusion. Read on to learn more about Erythropoietin and the benefits you could get by supplementing it.

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HGH Bodybuilding Guide: Benefits, Dosage, Stacks, & More

Human growth hormone is a peptide produced in the body. It influences height, builds bones and muscles, and regulates metabolism. HGH also contributes to proper bone density, which is crucial as poor bone density can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, as crucial as it is to our health, HGH suffers from one flaw. Its levels decline as we age, with an average adult facing a 15% drop in GH levels every decade. This is a major issue, as reduced GH levels can lead to decreased muscle mass and heart disease.

To overcome this problem, scientists have been working on a possible solution: synthetic HGH that could mimic the safety profile of its natural counterpart, while at the same time increasing muscle mass, reducing fat mass, and enhancing athletic performance.

These efforts have been going on for nearly a century. At the time of writing, one of the drugs that have come close to matching natural HGH is the HGH GMP 98%. At recommended doses, this recombinant HGH has been proven to exert many of the effects of natural GH.  

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HGH Fragment 176-191 Guide – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and More

Human growth hormone fragment 176-191 is a small, synthetic piece of natural HGH. It is often referred to as the ‘lipolytic’ section of the natural growth hormone due to its fat-burning effects. However, as noted below, it does much more than shredding body fat.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about HGH 176-191. We’ll start by discussing what this synthetic peptide is and how it works. Next, we’ll look at its general as well as bodybuilding-related benefits before revealing the optimal HGH 176-191 dosage.

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Anavar Bodybuilding Guide: Dosage, Stacks, Benefits, & More

Anavar is a man-made derivative of testosterone, the hormone that helps your body build muscle, lose fat, and carry out hundreds of other essential functions. Anavar also stimulates all these functions, though one thing distinguishes it from its natural counterpart.

Anavar possesses much less hepatotoxicity (ability to cause liver damage or injury) than oral testosterone supplements. That enables it to provide you with the best of both worlds – all the benefits you could acquire from testosterone with very few side effects. 

Sound too good to be true? Then you’re at the right place. This guide will provide you with irrefutable evidence of Anavar’s safety and efficacy. In addition, you’ll learn about the most optimal Anavar dosage for building muscle, losing fat, and increasing stamina.

That’s not all. Just like your life doesn’t end when you’re out of the gym, so do Anavar’s benefits extend into your daily routine. Therefore, in addition to describing how Anavar can help bodybuilders, we’ll take a detailed look at this steroid’s benefits for general users.

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AICAR Guide: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, & More (2022)

AICAR is an analog of adenosine monophosphate (AMP). It was first used in the 1990s to preserve blood flow to the heart during surgery. At the time of writing, AICAR is being investigation as a potential treatment of cardiac ischemic injury following a heart attack.

In preclinical studies, AICAR has shown promise as an anabolic agent. It has been reported that AICAR can stimulate muscle fiber activity, which is a precursor to muscle growth. AICAR may also stimulate fat loss and increase glucose uptake in the skeletal muscle.

This comprehensive AICAR guide will tell you everything you need to know about this drug. We’ll start by discussing what AICAR is and how it works. Next, we’ll discuss its general benefits and those related to bodybuilding, before revealing the optimal AICAR dose.

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Epiandro Guide: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, & More

Epiandro is a prohormone with anabolic properties. It is a dehydroandrosterone (DHEA) metabolite and is converted to testosterone in the body. Epiandro can help increase muscle mass and strength, regulate sex drive (libido), and improve fat distribution throughout the body.

In fact, Epiandro, or Epiandrosterone as it’s also known, has been growing in popularity amongst bodybuilders for its powerful muscle-building, anabolic effects.

However, while its benefits have been proven, are there any risks to using Epiandro?

This article will tell you all you need to know about this tried-and-tested bodybuilding supplement. So that you can decide whether it is capable of helping you smash your fitness-related goals.

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Epitalon Guide: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, & More

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide known for its anti-aging effects. It has been shown to promote longevity, increase skin elasticity, and kill free radicals that cause many diseases. Epitalon has also been found to increase protein synthesis in the body and may thus help you build muscle.

In fact, it’s becoming popular for bodybuilders to use Epitalon in order to gain an edge in their competitions. It helps you build muscle, shred fat, and gives you more energy, too.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Epitalon. We’ll start by discussing what this synthetic peptide is and where it came from. Next, we’ll look at its benefits for the skin, longevity, and muscle building. Finally, you’ll get to know the most optimal Epitalon dosage.

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