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S23 SARM Guide: Benefits, Dosage, & More (Updated 2024)

S23 SARM Guide: Benefits, Dosage, & More

Chances are you’ve heard of SARMs before, but many people haven’t heard of a SARM called S23—and it’s a shame, it really is.

S23 is one of the best and most powerful SARMs on the market, which some recreational users claim can even rival RAD 140 and Ligandrol.

Is it true, though? Can the S23 SARM really transform your physique in just one cycle? Or is it just a bunch of bro science served up by marketers?

In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know, A-Z, about S23, ranging from side effects, to the benefits, dosage, clinical studies, and more!

What is S23?

What is S23?

S23 belongs to a class of research chemicals known as SARMs, which stands for selective androgen receptor modulators. These are highly anabolic compounds that signal your body to build muscle at a steroid-like rate.

SARMs have been around for decades now, but S23 in particular was created by modifying a SARM call C-6, and making it more effective. [R]

In short, S23 is a powerful anabolic research chemical that many recreational users are taking to rapidly increase lean muscle mass. One cycle of S23 can completely transform your body, by rapidly adding muscle mass, and drastically improving fat loss, as well.

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But, is S23 safe? What are the S23 side effects? Let’s take a look at what the clinical research has to say about this SARM, and get a bit more in-depth.

Overview of Benefits

Before we get into the nitty-gritty S23 research studies, we’d like to offer our readers (that’s you) a brief look at the pros and cons of this SARM.


  • Increased Muscle Mass
  • Accelerated Fat Loss
  • Added Bone Mineral Density
  • Potential for Male Birth Control
  • No “Night Vision” Side Effects (Like S4)
  • Faster Recovery Time Post-Workout

Side Effects:

  • Can Have Some Negative Side Effects
  • Potentially Unknown Long Term Effects
  • Not Approved For Human Use by the FDA (Yet)
  • More Clinical Studies Should Be Done With S23

While S23 is generally considered to be a safe SARM by most recreational users, it’s important to note that more research should be done on S23 before coming to a definitive conclusion.

Even so, S23 as a SARM offers body builders tremendous promise when it comes to accelerating muscle gain and fat loss, with minimal side effects.

When it comes to SARMs, which includes S23, they’re strictly outlawed for athletic use in the Olympics by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency, or USADA for short, has also banned SARMs from competition—so if you’re an athlete who is thinking of using SARMs, then think again, because you could get disqualified for it.

With this being said, SARMs are still 100% legal to purchase. This means you can easily go online, search for a good vendor (we review many of them here), and easily buy S23 or another SARM within a matter of 15 minutes.

Tons of recreational users order SARMs for sale online and choose to use them for their own personal needs, although S23 still hasn’t been FDA approved… and while S23 isn’t FDA approved (yet), the current body of research studies shows it’s extremely promising as an anabolic compound, fat loss accelerating compound, and more.

Where to Buy S23

As we’ve covered in previous articles, there’s a ton of fake SARMs vendors out there, and the FDA has warned about companies like this in the past. Trust us, you do NOT want to end up buying fake S23 or other fake SARMs.

Here at Nanotech, we keep a log of SARMs vendors we consider to be reliable, with high quality products, and we write reviews on all of them. It’s one of the things that makes us different than the other research websites out there.

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One of our top vendors, and the one we recommend the most, is called Pure Rawz—in fact, we wrote a full review on them that you can read. If you do decide to buy S23, we highly urge you to buy it from them, since they’re one of the best SARMs vendors on the market right now.

How Does S23 Work?

How Does S23 Work?

Similar to other SARMs such as Ostarine and RAD 140, this SARM known as S23 works by binding to androgen receptors in your skeletal muscle tissue.

S23 has a half life of roughly 11.9 hours (in lab rats), which is in line with most SARMs, which are generally fast acting and produce fast results. [R]

In other words, S23 begins working shortly after ingestion, binding to androgen receptors, and signaling your body to rapidly build muscle.

It should come as no surprise then, that many recreational users are able to pack on 10-15 pounds of muscle from a single S23 SARM cycle.

Is It Like Steroids?

Taking anabolic steroids like testosterone or trestolone acetate is completely different than taking a SARM like S23. The thing with anabolic steroids is they shut your natural testosterone production down rapidly, and have a lot of androgenic side effects, as well.

A SARM like S23, however, has far less androgenic side effects, but is often cited as being equally anabolic, if not even more anabolic than a steroid like testosterone. Both will increase your lean muscle mass, help you lose fat, increase strength, and more, but S23 will do it in a much safer way.

One reason S23 is safer than anabolic steroids like testosterone, is that it doesn’t aromatize into estrogen, which often leads to a lot of androgenic side effects such as gynecomastia, acne, mood swings, and more. S23 is far safer than this, and while it may shut down natural testosterone production temporarily, a good PCT will get it back up to normal quickly.

Benefits of S23

Benefits of S23

S23, which is available for purchase here, has a load of benefits for bodybuilders, which is why it’s such a popular SARM these days. One cycle of S23 can completely transform your physique in a matter of 4-8 weeks.

The benefits of S23 include:

  • Accelerated Muscle Growth
  • Rapid Fat Loss (Great For Cutting)
  • Higher Bone Mineral Density
  • Increased Power & Strength

S23 has been shown to have these benefits many times in clinical studies, and recreational users have confirmed these benefits as well. Let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits of S23 and what the research says, however.

Accelerated Muscle Growth

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of taking the S23 SARM is the increased muscle mass you’re going to get while you take it. Users who take S23 often find that they put on 15-20 pounds of muscle mass from just one cycle.

In fact, during the clinical trials in which researchers compared the efficacy of testosterone to S23 in terms of building muscle and androgenic capability, studies found that S23 was a far more potent compound than testosterone at building muscle in users, with far less side effects, as well. [R]

The anecdotal results of users who take S23 are also quite astounding. Most users report steroid-like effects, often reporting that their results are similar to a medium to high dosage of testosterone, putting on 15 pounds of muscle.

Rapid Fat Loss

Another phenomenal effect of taking the S23 SARM is the rapid fat loss that it allows users to achieve. In fact, it’s not uncommon for users to report incredible results, such as losing 10-15 pounds of pure fat in just one cycle.

In fact, according to one study, published in the Journal of Endocrinology, researchers found that S23 was a potent fat loss accelerator, and that test subjects rapidly lost fat while taking it. [R] This is why many users end up taking S23—not only does it accelerate muscle gain, but it also accelerates fat loss.

Higher Bone Density

It’s no secret that having strong bones is a must for life. Many people into their old age often die due to falling, which causes bone breaks, and internal bleeding. Thankfully, the S23 SARM may be a way to combat this issue.

In one study, published in the Journal of Endocrinology, researchers found that S23 increases bone mineral density in a dosage-dependent manner. [R] In other words, the more S23 users took, the more dense their bones became.

S23 Results

s23 results

We currently have a SARMs before and after article, which is a compilation of all the results that users have gotten from using different SARMs—so we recommend you read that if you want to learn more.

That being said, most users report gaining something like 10-15 pounds of muscle mass from a single 2-3 month cycle of S23, followed by a PCT.

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S23 is primarily a cutting SARM however, and is known for creating the “hard and dry” look that tons of body builders love when cutting.

So, if you’re looking to get your muscles to “pop” and look really nice, hard, dry, and shredded, then consider checking out S23 as a potential option.

S23 Dosage & Cycle Guidelines

S23 Dosage & Cycle Guidelines

Because there have been no clinical studies conducted on humans to date, there is no established dosage for humans (although there is for lab rats).

Generally speaking however, most recreational users agree that taking roughly 10-25 mg per day of S23 is going to be the sweet spot. I found that taking 15 mg of S23 gave me incredible results on my cycle.

Here are the S23 dosage guidelines:

  • Beginner Dosage: 10 mg per day
  • Intermediate Dosage: 15 mg per day
  • Advanced Dosage: 25 mg per day

While some users have reported having little to no side effects on dosages as high as 30 mg or more, most body builders agree that 25 mg is good.

SARMs are frequently dosed in mg/ml as well, so a 25 mg dosage of S23 would be equivalent to taking one full dropper of the S23 for sale from Pure Rawz.

S23 Bulking & Cutting Stacks

S23 is generally taken for cutting reasons, although as with many other SARMs, it can still be used on a bulking cycle to help users stay lean. S23 is a powerful SARM that has a wide variety of applications for muscle growth and fat loss.

Sample Bulking StackSample Cutting Stack
S23 – 15 mg per dayS23 – 25 mg per day
Ligandrol – 20 mg per dayOstarine – 25 mg per day
MK 677 – 25 mg per dayCardarine – 10 mg per day

Due to its effectiveness as a cutting SARM, many people often pair S23 with other metabolic research chemicals such as Stenabolic or Cardarine to cut.

S23 Side Effects

side effects

Most recreational users who try S23 report that the side effects are only temporary, although more research does need to be done to confirm this.

That being said, S23 is, in fact, one of the most suppressive SARMs—so suppressive, it’s being considered as a potential male contraceptive.

Here are some potential S-23 side effects:

  • Increased Aggression
  • Facial & Back Acne
  • Faster Hair Loss
  • Testosterone Suppression

There is also an extremely small chance of gynecomastia, however the odds of this can be lowered by doing a good on cycle and post cycle therapy.

We definitely recommend following a post cycle therapy (PCT) after an S23 SARM cycle, as it’s one of the most suppressive SARMs. Do a PCT to be safe.

S23 Summary

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In summary, S23 is a potent SARM that can be used to preserve lean muscle mass on a cutting cycle, or to help keep fat off during a bulking cycle.

It’s generally considered to be one of the strongest SARMs, particularly when it comes to mimicking the effects of Winstrol or Anavar.

If you want to purchase 3rd party tested, 99.9% pure S23, we recommend you go through a high quality vendor like Pure Rawz – and if you use the code “MD15” you’ll get 15% off your order.

If you have any questions about the S23 SARM be sure to just let us know in the comments section down below and we’ll do our best to get back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Is S23 Good For Bodybuilding?

Yes. S23 is a phenomenal SARM for losing fat, building muscle, and improving your overall physique. Many bodybuilders love using S23 to either stay lean during a bulk, or to get extra shredded during a cutting phase.

❓ How Does S23 Work in the Body?

S23 is a drug known as a SARM, or "Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator." It works by binding to androgen receptors, shortly after consumption, and signaling the body to build muscle and lose fat, similar to how testosterone works.

❓ What is S23 Used For?

S23 can be used for a variety of purposes, from building lean muscle mass, to increasing bone strength, to losing body fat. Many people find that S23 is a versatile supplement that has a wide number of applications to body building.

❓ What's The Best S23 Dosage to Take?

While there's no FDA guidelines on the dosage for this drug, most recreational users have found that taking 15 mg per day is the sweet spot. Beginners may start with 10 mg per day, while those who are more advanced may go all the way up to 25 mg per day.

❓ Does S23 Require A PCT?

It's always a good idea to run a PCT after any SARM cycle, which includes S 23. Running a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) will help recovery after your cycle, and will help increase your natural testosterone levels. It will also help you preserve your muscle mass gains on cycle, too.


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