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Behemoth Labz Review: Still A Legit SARMS Vendor in 2024?

Behemoth Labz Review: Still A Legit SARMS Vendor

When looking for a place to buy SARMs you can find hundreds of companies. They all vary in quality, customer service and reliability.

Here at Nanotech, with our years of experience, we try to help you find reliable companies to use. You might have come across Behemoth Labz while looking for place to buy your SARMs.

Are they any good, though? Do they have pure, legit SARMs for sale, or is Behemoth Labz just another company that will be gone in a year?

In this article, we’ll offer a full Behemoth Labz review, taking into account user testimonials, 3rd party testing, shipping costs, and much, much more!

Behemoth Labz Review

Behemoth Labz Review

Behemoth Labz has been around since the 1990’s, always focusing on providing high quality research compounds and SARMs for sale.

While this company is based in the US, it has quickly grown to be one of the top global SARMs vendors, thanks to its great prices and pure products.

Here’s what we like about this company:

  • 3rd Party Tested & Verified
  • Numerous Research Chemicals
  • Fast Shipping & Great Customer Support
  • Very Diverse Product Formulations
  • …And More

They are one of the few companies offering injectable SARMs, too—and similar to PureRawz, they’ve got a multitude of forms (tablet, liquid, etc.).

Company Overview

Long story short, we give Behemoth Labz the Nanotech seal of approval for their high quality, innovative products, and great customer service.

They have a wide variety of products and formulations, convenient payment processing methods, and a strong focus on quality chems.

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If you’re just looking to buy, then consider using the code “MD15” at checkout to save yourself 15% off your entire order of SARMs.

If you want to learn more, however, then keep reading.

Behemoth Lab Results

Behemoth Lab Results

To know if a company provides high quality products one must first look at the results people have gotten from a cycle of their SARMs.

…and, as you can see based on the pictures above, Behemoth Labz is definitely legit. Those pictures are from a cycle of Cardarine.

In addition to 3rd party testing (which we will cover in a second here), Behemoth Labz also has tons of raving reviews from satisfied users.

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While we can’t promise that you’ll get results like these, if you have a good diet and workout routine, you can definitely transform your physique.

Reddit User Testimonials

One great way to tell if a company is legit or not is to simply look at their Reddit reviews and see what people are saying about their SARMs.

With that in mind, when you look at the Behemoth Labz Reddit reviews, it’s clear that the general consensus is that they’re legit.

One user said he’s lost “significant fat” from using their RAD 140, and yet hasn’t lost any size. In fact, he says he’s a “good bit bigger,” too.

Another user is having great results from stacking MK 677, Ligandrol, and Cardarine for two months. He says that he went from 163lbs to 174.6lbs.

There’s a ton of other Reddit testimonials like this if you want to check them out yourself, but those are just a couple—either way, Behemoth Labz is legit.

Full Review & Details

behemoth labz website

As we just saw, Behemoth Labz is held in high regard by the SARMs community. Their products give people reliably good results.

They are open about their quality and offer a wide range of products. They have tabs, caps, liquids, peptides, injectables, transdermals and much more.

The wide selection, good customer service and reliability has given them the Nanotech seal of approval as a high quality SARMs vendor.

Company Features

  • Wide Range of Products (SARMs, Peptides, CBD & More)
  • SARMs Available in Liquid, Injectable, Tablet & Capsule Form
  • Very Competitive Prices & Fast Shipping
  • Intensive 3rd Party Testing for Purity of SARMs and other products
  • Ironclad Money Back Guarantee (If Products Are Defective)

Shipping & Prices

Behemoth Labz ships Monday through Friday with same day shipping if the order is placed before 3 pm EST, using USPS Priority Mail.

They also provide a tracking number free of charge, and for orders over $150, not only do they have free shipping, but also free samples.

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Their shipping prices and SARMs prices are very competitive, and regardless of the country you live in, rest assured they will ship to it.

Products They Sell

Behemoth Labz offer many products in many different forms, so it’s not feasible for us to list them all. That being said, here’s a few that they sell.

As you can see they offer not only SARMs, but also nootropics, male enhancement products, post cycle therapy, and much much more.

Money Back Guarantee

Behemoth Labz offers a money back guarantee under reasonable situations, if you let them know within 7 days of the delivery date.

We have not had any problems with them so far, but it’s nice knowing we would be safe if anything happened—and that you would be safe, too.

Payment Methods

Payment can sometimes be a problem with SARMs vendors, but with Behemoth Labz, they offer a multitude of different payment options.

You can pay in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, or you can pay in credit or debit card, and even PayPal. Easy peasy.

Coupon Code

As if their prices and frequent sales weren’t enough, you can also get a Behemoth Labz discount code, straight from the team here at Nanotech.

If you use the code “MD15” at checkout, you’ll save 15% off any and all SARMs, nootropics, and research chemicals that you wish to purchase.

3rd Party Testing

As previously mentioned, one of the hallmarks of a good company is that they have extensive 3rd party verification to test the purity of their SARMs.

Luckily, Behemoth Labz is well known for their stringent purity requirements. They test all their products and publish the results.

As you can see above, their RAD 140 has a purity of 99.5%, which means they’re only selling the highest quality materials they can get access to.

Plenty of vendors don’t even get 3rd party verification tests, so God only knows what their purity is—but with Behemoth Labz, you know it’s pure.


Behemoth Labz Banner Ad

Behemoth Labz has been around for decades, always focusing on providing their customers with the best research compounds and SARMs.

They are very reliable and offer a ton of different compounds ranging from nootropics and SARMs to post cycle therapy and male enhancement.

Best of all, if you use the coupon code “MD15” at checkout, you’ll save yourself 15% off any and all of the SARMs which you wish to buy.

If you have any questions or think we have missed anything, do not hesitate to leave a comment down below and we’ll do our best to get back to you!


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