White Vein Kratom Review: Effects, Dosage, & More (2021)

The use of herbal remedies dates far back to the jungle tribes of southeast Asia. For many centuries, these people have used Kratom in spiritual ceremonies and more importantly its healing properties. Kratom is one of the most beneficial herbs grown on earth, especially when compared to modern-day pharmaceuticals.

This amazing tree growing in the jungles of southeast Asia is proven to have an incredible effect on the human mind and body. It grows in three different colors which can all be used for different desired sensations. The three veins are white, green, and red.

There is a lot of growing popularity around Kratom in the west within the past few decades because of how its effects can help us naturally. When taking Kratom you must be aware that everyone reacts differently and will need to use different dosage amounts based on their desired results.

What is White Vein Kratom?

Frequent users of Kratom all agree that the White Vein Kratom is the best choice for boosting mood, feeling relaxed, and most importantly it can give you much-needed energy. Unlike the other veins, white won’t make you feel sleepy or groggy.

Instead, you will feel your focus and energy levels increase and much more which I will get into in just a second. This herb can be used in replacement or conjunction with caffeine since it has similar effects as a stimulant.

Benefits of White Vein Kratom

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  • Euphoria- When taken properly, white vein Kratom gives you a perfect euphoric feeling that may help with many mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and anything else that puts your mood down. It is truly incredible that a naturally grown herb can provide such positive effects and can make a huge difference in the quality of your life.
  • Focus- Looking to increase your ability to focus? Then this vein of kratom is the best choice out there. The herb acts as a stimulant for your brain giving you immense focus and concentration that can help you get after the day. You may use this for a big day at work or when studying for a huge test. There are many applications for White Vein Kratom and it serves a purpose for almost everybody.

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  • Energy- Not only will you be more focused throughout the day, but you will also get a big boost of energy. This may be used in place of caffeine or to give you a much-needed boost. Since this Kratom strain helps in boosting energy levels, it is also shown to improve your sexual stamina as well which is a bonus.
  • Addiction Withdrawal- This herb can help with quitting most addictions. Most commonly used for victims of opium addictions which is a bad drug that many people get addicted to.

White Vein Kratom Dosage

For white vein Kratom, there are two dosage ranges you may choose from:

  • A low dosage is considered 2 to 5 grams. This is great to use in replacement or with caffeine as it has similar effects. The white vein of Kratom is primarily used as a nootropic which is good for brain cognition and energy.
  • As for the high dosage amounts of 5 grams or more, it can be used as a sedative or for euphoria. Doses in this range can help with regulating your sleep and may relieve anxiety or stress and work as an anti-depressant.
  • It is recommended that you start with small doses and work your way up to figure out what fits your individual needs.
  • When taking any Kratom you should be aware that the more you take, the higher chance you have of feeling the side effects which you need to keep in mind when experimenting.

White Vein Kratom Side Effects

  • All strains of Kratom should be used with advice from a medical professional. It is important to note that you should be over the age of 18 to use it.
  • The most common side effect in users who take high doses is feeling lethargic or lazy.
  • Some side effects include agitation, vomiting, hallucinations, drowsiness, and confusion in some cases.
  • In more serious cases, studies show a small number of users getting tachycardia, which is a respiratory disease that means you have an increased heart rate.
  • An even small number of users also had seizures, coma, or went into cardiac arrest.

As you now realize this herbal remedy should be taken seriously in high amounts, and it is not recommended to take more than 5 grams, especially if it’s your first time.


With many different strains of White Vein Kratom, all having different effects, there are ones that apply to all.

  • The small dose range from 2 to 5 grams may give you an immense ability to focus which can increase your productivity. Also, boost your mood and increase energy levels.
  • When taken in doses of more than 5 grams, you will get a euphoric sensation. Taking more Kratom may improve your sleep and fix your sleep cycle. It is also proven to be used to help people get rid of addictions, most commonly opioids. Testing the effectiveness of this natural antidepressant’s effects is much safer than using a drug made in a lab.

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  • Using kratom properly and with medical supervision can prevent many side effects felt when taking high amounts. The minor side effects include; drowsiness, vomiting, and confusion. Some serious effects include seizure, hallucinations, respiratory problems, depression, coma, and heart complications but are rare for many users.
  • Keep in mind that compared to pharmaceuticals that have many life-changing side effects, this is a safer option. Not only is Kratom a safer alternative, but you also won’t have to sacrifice anything because it can be super beneficial for your health and well-being.
  • If you want to buy White Vein Kratom it is very important to get a quality product. Happy Hippo Herbals provides a high-quality product that is independently tested and has a huge variety of strains to choose from.

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