3 Best Kratom Vendors in 2021 (Where to Buy Kratom Online)

If you’re looking to buy kratom for sale online, then you’ve come to the right place—here we’ll review the best kratom vendors out there.

We get approached time and time again by different companies selling kratom asking us to promote them, and we turn down 90% of them.

There are some vendors that we absolutely love, though, due to their great customer service, awesome prices, and high quality products.

So, without further ado, here’s the Nanotech Team’s top recommended kratom vendors in 2021, guaranteed to sell you 100% pure products.

How to Find Good Kratom

There’s a lot of scammy vendors out there who claim they have high quality products and pure kratom strains, but are actually selling bogus junk.

So, the question is—how do you find legit kratom online? The only REAL way is through trial and error, but there’s also some signs to look out for.

Here’s how you know a kratom vendor is good:

  • High Quality Images of Products
  • Competitive Pricing (Not Too Cheap)
  • Responsive 24/7 Customer Support
  • Great Customer Reviews on Reddit

We’ve personally tested out numerous kratom vendors, from their powder to their pills, and here’s our list of the best places to buy kratom in 2021.

Best Kratom Vendors List

With so many different companies and products, it can be hard to tell where you should buy kratom—but we want to take the guess work out.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the highest quality kratom vendors out there, and taken the guess work out of buying, so that you don’t have to.

Buy 100% Pure Kratom Here!

Here are the top 3 best kratom vendors out there:

  1. Happy Hippo Herbals
  2. Nootropics Unlimited
  3. Pure Rawz

We chose these three vendors due to their pure, high quality products, great customer support, fast shipping, competitive prices, and more.

Happy Hippo Herbals

By far our favorite kratom vendor, Happy Hippo Herbals has been around for almost a decade, and has a ton of experience with kratom—in fact, they’re currently helping to fight to keep kratom legal!

They pride themselves on the purity of their products, their great customer support which is reachable by email or social media, and their awesome return policy, as well—which is very generous.

Here’s what we love about Happy Hippo Herbals:

  • Sells Both Powder & Capsules
  • Very Fast Shipping (Same Day)
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Highly Competitive Prices

Happy Hippo Herbals is one of our favorite kratom vendors, because they’ve built a reputation over the past several years for being 100% legit. I’ve personally seen what their kratom does, and it’s stronger than most stuff out there.

They’ve got very fast shipping, a great customer support team, and most importantly, some very pure, 100% legit kratom. After buying from Happy Hippo Herbals, most people become lifetime customers.

Nootropics Unlimited

Coming up next on this list is a kratom vendor known as Nootropics Unlimited, and as their name implies, they sell more than just kratom.

Their online catalog has an incredibly wide variety of products, ranging from different kratom strains, to modafinil and other smart drugs.

Here’s what we love about this company:

  • Very Wide Range of Products
  • Pure, High Quality Kratom
  • Great Customer Support
  • Free Shipping (in the USA)
  • Competitive Pricing & Products

If you’re looking to buy some kratom online, and maybe some nootropics as well, then why not do it in one order using Nootropics Unlimited?

Best of all, if you use the code “nanotech” you’ll get 10% off anything you choose to buy, so you can get a discount on any kratom strains you want!

Pure Rawz

Another one of our favorite kratom vendors, known as Pure Rawz, has built up a reputation for having some of the highest quality kratom on the market.

Their products are absolutely the purest we’ve ever tried, and have a ton of benefits from pain relief, to more energy, to relaxation, focus, and more.

Here’s what we love about Pure Rawz:

  • Very Thorough Online Catalog
  • Great Prices (Very Competitive)
  • Sells Both Capsules & Powder
  • Free Shipping (on Orders Over $100)
  • 100% Pure, High Quality Kratom

When most people try the kratom from this vendor for the first time, they’re shocked—most people don’t know what REAL, unfiltered, pure kratom actually feels like.

We’d recommend browsing through their catalog and purchasing a white strain, a green strain, and a white strain, and then experimenting with each strain to see how your body reacts to each one (everyone is different).


In summary, these are some of the best kratom vendors out there—they’ve got high quality products, great customer support, and fast shipping.

Our #1 recommended kratom source is by far Happy Hippo Herbals. Their products are so pure that even veteran kratom users are shocked.

Most vendors skim their kratom, so you only get 85% pure kratom, or even worse—but all the vendors we recommend only sell 100% pure stuff.

If you have any questions about purity of their products, other kratom vendors, or anything kratom-related, just leave us a comment below.

Nanotech Project Team

The Nanotech Project team is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information about anabolics, nootropics, and bio-hacking as a whole.

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