Swiss Chems Review: Are Their SARMs Still Legit? (2022)

Finding a good place to buy legitimate SARMs online can often be hard, especially with so many scammy companies out there these days.

Here at Nanotech Project however, we aim to simplify this—with our years of experience in the SARMs niche, we aim to make things straight forward.

Today, we’ll be reviewing a SARMs and research chemicals vendor called Swiss Chems, which some of you may have heard about before.

So, get ready for a full Swiss Chems review, covering their shipping, discount codes, the purity of their SARMs, and much more.

Swiss Chems Review

Swiss Chems, as its name may imply, is an international company that offers SARMs for sale, post cycle therapies, peptides, and more.

They were one of the first companies to sell injectable SARMs, which gave them a reputation for being a cutting edge, science-focused vendor.

Here’s what we love about Swiss Chems:

  • Diverse Range of Products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast International Shipping
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • 3rd Party Tested, Pure SARMs & Chems

Of course, the most important question is whether or not their SARMs are legit, and as we’re going to show you, they’re at least 99% purity.

Company Overview

All in all, we give Swiss Chems the nanotech seal of approval, and they are our “go to company” when it comes to buying post cycle therapy chems.

They’ve got a wide variety of products, convenient payment methods, fast shipping, and best of all, great customer service and pure products.

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If you’re just skimming and want a discount code, you can use the code “nanotech” for 25% off, by the way. Otherwise, keep reading for more!

Swiss Chems Results

One of the biggest questions you probably have is whether or not the SARMs from Swiss Chems are legit or not. We’re here to answer this.

In addition to their 3rd party verification methods (which we will cover later), most users seem to get great results from their SARMs.

We’ve personally tried their Ostarine, RAD 140, and YK11, all of which were definitely legit—let’s take a look at some other user testimonials, though.

Reddit Testimonials & Reviews

Swiss Chems has been seen as an innovator and provider of reliable products, so they’ve built up a fairly loyal customer base over the years.

One user on Reddit said that his cycle “went great” and that he’s currently on a second cycle of Ostarine, because the first one went so well.

“I’m by no means looking to compete,” he said. “I’m not a hardcore gainer but you definitely make gains without risking bad side effects.”

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Another user said that he had a great experience with injectable SARMs from Swiss Chems, namely RAD-140 (or the Ragebolone brand name).

Using RAD 140, users can typically expect to pack on 10-15 pounds of muscle (or more) within a short time frame of 2-3 months—you can read our RAD 140 guide for more information on this.

Full Review & Details

Swiss Chems is one of the few stores that has everything you need for a cycle, which is why we have recommended their PCT chems from the start.

Rather than buying SARMs from one vendor, then having to get your PCT from another, you can just grab them both from the same vendor here.

This, coupled with their great customer support, fast shipping standards, and pure SARMs, make Swiss Chems one of our favorite vendors.

Company Features

  • Diverse Product Catalog (SARMs, PCT, Male Enhancement)
  • First to Pioneer Injectable SARMs
  • Up to 20% Discount for Paying in Bitcoin/Crypto
  • Extensive 3rd Party Testing for Purity
  • Great Customer Support (They Have A Phone Number)

Shipping & Prices

While Swiss Chems doesn’t offer free shipping on orders over $100 like some other SARMs vendors, their prices are so inexpensive to begin with that we’re willing to overlook this.

In fact, you can get a whopping 45% off the retail price when you pay in Bitcoin for 20% off and use the code “nanotech” for another 25% off.

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Combine these incredible prices with worldwide shipping, and you’ve got yourself a top SARMs company that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Most orders will arrive within 1 week, especially if you’re in the USA. If you’re overseas, your order may take a little bit longer, up to 2 weeks.

Products They Sell

Swiss Chems offers a wide variety of different products, so we can’t list every single one here, but we can definitely list a few of our favorites.

  • Ostarine (MK-2866) Bottle of 60 Capsules – $63.96
  • Testolone (RAD-140) Bottle of 60 Capsules – $76.76
  • Bulking Stack (SARMs) 2 Month Cycle – $238.37
  • Cutting Stack (SARMs) 2 Month Cycle – $161.91
  • Cialis (Male Enhancement) 60 Capsules – $63.96
  • Nolvadex (Great For PCT) 60 Capsules – $79.96
  • Clomid (Great For PCT) 60 Capsules – $71.96

As you can see, Swiss Chems has a very wide catalog of products. In fact, they’re our #1 recommended vendor to buy your SARMs PCT from.

Money Back Guarantee

As if their prices weren’t competitive enough, Swiss Chems also offers customers the chance to return their products for a full refund.

The products, of course, must be unopened and within their original packaging, but still. This helps many people rest easy at night.

In addition to this, you can get any of their products HPLC tested for purity, and if the results are negative, you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Payment Methods

One of our favorite aspects of Swiss Chems is that they offer numerous discounts if you choose to pay in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Sometimes you can get over 20% by simply paying in Bitcoin. If you don’t want to, that’s fine too, though—they’ve got plenty of other methods.

From Bitcoin to Zelle to bank wire, to even accepting regular credit and debit card payments, Swiss Chems is one of the few SARMs companies with this many accepted payment methods.

Coupon Code

In addition to getting a 20% discount by paying in Bitcoin (sometimes more), you can also get another 25% discount by using our code.

Simply head over to Swiss Chems, put whatever you want in your cart, then use the code “nanotech” and you’ll get a whole 25% off your entire order.

3rd Party Testing

Of course, the most important thing to check is to see if a SARMs vendor has 3rd party verification tests that are up to date, for the sake of purity.

…and thankfully, Swiss Chems has our seal of approval when it comes to the purity of their products. Every batch of SARMs is tested regularly with a 3rd party verification technique, which is key.

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While they don’t publish all of their 3rd party test results, they do offer a guarantee where if you get any their products tested yourself, and it comes back negative, they’ll offer you a full money back guarantee.

So, even though we’d rather see them publish all of their 3rd party tests, the fact that they still offer a guarantee is definitely a good thing in our eyes.


In conclusion, Swiss Chems is one of our favorite SARMs vendors, and a leading industry standard in the world of research chemicals.

They’re our go-to source for post cycle therapies, ranging from Clomid to Nolvadex, to even some harder-to-find chems like Cabergoline.

Best of all, if you want to save yourself a whole 25% off your entire order, just plug in the code “nanotech” at checkout and you’ll save some cash.

Let us know in the comments section down below if you think we missed something here, and we hope that you enjoyed the article!


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