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Raloxifene Bodybuilding Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Raloxifene Bodybuilding Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Raloxifene helps you get rid of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a common problem among bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids or testosterone to achieve muscle growth. Part of that testosterone gets transformed into estrogen by an enzyme known as aromatase.

That’s where the problem begins. Estrogen is known for attaching to breast tissues and causing them to swell, resulting in a condition known as gynecomastia or ‘man boobs’. This condition is mostly harmless, though those having it may feel psychological distress.

Raloxifene might be taken both during the cycle, when you still haven’t developed ‘man boobs’. Or you can start taking it after noticing some unsightly breast formation, on your post cycle therapy. Users claim that Raloxifene could both prevent as well as reverse gynecomastia.

In this article, we’re going to discuss what Raloxifene is all about. We’ll also talk about how this selective estrogen receptor modulator works. Plus, you’ll get to know about Raloxifene PCT protocol and dosage guidelines. Read on to learn more.

What Is Raloxifene?

What Is Raloxifene?

Raloxifene, like Nolvadex, is a SERM. Selective estrogen receptor modulators are known for blocking estrogen from attaching to the breast tissue. This allows them to treat and decrease women’s risk of developing breast cancer in the first place.

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Raloxifene is also used to treat osteoporosis. The FDA has approved this drug to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. Raloxifene has also earned FDA approval as a drug that reduces the risk of invasive breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Overview of Benefits and Effects

Here are the benefits and side effects of Raloxifene:


  • Prevent and Reverse Gyno
  • Slows Down Muscular Dystrophy
  • Increases Fat-Free Mass
  • Enhances Bone Density

Side Effects

  • Hot Flashes
  • Sinusitis
  • Infection

Various studies have found that most Raloxifene users experience no severe side effects.

How Does Raloxifene Work?

How Does Raloxifene Work?

Raloxifene prevents gynecomastia by blocking estrogen receptors in the breast tissue. It occupies the estrogen receptor sites on the breast tissue, leaving no space for the incoming, growth-stimulating estrogens to attach to, effectively reducing breast volume.

Multiple studies corroborate this claim. A 3-to-9 month Raloxifene treatment course decreased gynecomastia by up to 86% in one study. Another study found that the majority of users who took Raloxifene experienced no severe side effects. [R]

What Is Raloxifene Used For?


Bodybuilders use Raloxifene to prevent and reverse gynecomastia. Research has found that this SERM helps in both instances. A study on subjects with a median age of 14.6 years showed Raloxifene decreasing gynecomastia in 86% of the participants. [R]

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Raloxifene can prevent gynecomastia, too. Research published on the American Academy of Family Physicians suggests that Raloxifene (known by its brand name Evista) and Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) successfully prevent the onset of ‘man boobs’. [R]

Benefits of Using Raloxifene

Users can expect various benefits from using Raloxifene. They include prevention or treatment of gynecomastia, reduction in the risk of developing osteoporosis (in males and postmenopausal women) and reduction in the risk of invasive breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Here are the major benefits of using Raloxifene:

1) Treats and prevents gynecomastia

A study reported in the British Medical Journal suggests that Raloxifene effectively treats existing gyno. The researchers drew this conclusion after observing this SERM’s effects on males aged 18-84. All of them experienced an average of 61% reduction in size in their ‘man boobs’. [R]

2) Slows down muscular dystrophy

Results from an animal study show that Raloxifene, when combined with Tamoxifen, slows down the progressive loss of muscle mass. This gives rise to a hope that Raloxifene could one day receive FDA approval as a muscle-building supplement. [R]

3) Increases fat-free mass

A twelve-month treatment with a 60mg daily dose of Raloxifene increased fat-free mass by an average of 2.4 kg in users aged 70 or older, research published in the European Journal of Endocrinology shows. This shows that Raloxifene might help bodybuilders build muscle mass, too. [R]

Raloxifene PCT Guidelines

Raloxifene PCT Guidelines

Keep in mind that there aren’t any expert-recommended Raloxifene PCT guidelines. All we have are recommendations from users who have used this SERM. If you have any qualms about relying on another person’s advice, consult your doctor first.

Best Raloxifene Dosage

The best Raloxifene dosage for you depends on whether you already have gyno or you want to prevent it from developing. Both scenarios differ. In the first one, you’d have to stack Raloxifene with an aromatase inhibitor, to prevent your body from producing more estrogens than it already has.

However, if you’ve just started a cycle and see no signs of gyno, combining Raloxifene with your anabolic steroids/testosterone/prohormones might prevent gyno development.

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Here are the recommended Raloxifene dosage guidelines:

  • For preventing gyno: 60mg/day throughout the steroid or prohormone cycle
  • For treating/reversing gyno: 60mg Raloxifene per day and 12.5mg Aromasin per day for 4 weeks

Once you’ve completed the Raloxifene-Aromasin cycle, don’t start taking any new supplements for at least 2 weeks. Let the ones you’ve already consumed flush out of your system before you embark on a new cycle.

Raloxifene PCT Protocol

The Raloxifene PCT protocol is pretty simple. If you’re going to start taking this supplement with your steroid or testosterone cycle, make sure the Raloxifene cycle lasts equally longer. This means that if your steroid cycle lasts 6 weeks, you should continue taking this SERM for the same period, too.

However, if you’ve already finished your cycle, wait for at least two to three days before starting the Raloxifene-Aromasin PCT. Keep the Raloxifene daily dosage at 40 mg and the Aromasin daily dosage at 12 mg for 4 weeks (the complete duration of the SARMs PCT).

Raloxifene Side Effects

Raloxifene Side Effects

Along with the intended effects, Raloxifene might cause some adverse effects, including flu-like symptoms, hot flashes, infection and sinusitis. In extremely rare cases, this drug could cause lower limb cramps, blood clots and heart attacks.

Keep in mind that many people using Raloxifene experience no severe side effects. Still, if you experience some discomfort after using this drug, immediately consult your physician. [R]

Where to Buy Raloxifene?

Where to Buy Raloxifene?

If you’re unsure where to buy Raloxifene, we recommend you buy it from Purerawz.

All Purerawz’s products are made in the USA, lab-tested for purity and come with a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Purerawz also gives you a choice to have any of their products tested at an HPLC licensed facility. If the result came out negative, you’d be refunded every penny.


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Raloxifene is one of the best drugs out there to prevent and treat gynecomastia, known as ‘man boobs’ in everyday language.

This selective androgen receptor modulator has also been proven to decrease the rate of muscular atrophy in users.

You can also count on Raloxifene to help you gain fat-free muscle mass, strengthen your bones and decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis.

On top of everything else, many users claim that Raloxifene causes little to no side effects. This means you can count on it to safeguard your health and well-being.


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