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Delta 10 THC Guide – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and More

Almost everyone knows about Delta 8 – the THC that makes you feel happy and calm, stimulates your appetite, and gives you a full-body high. Most people are also aware of Delta 9, which was discovered after Delta 9 but has received considerable interest nonetheless.

Delta 10 has had no such luck. This THC is neither as famous nor are its effects as widely researched as those of its two above siblings. Any evidence of its effects, if there is indeed any, is based on personal experiences, with Delta 10 yet to attract as much as a single study.

Which is surprising given what it is capable of. A much mellower version of its two more famous relatives, Delta 10 THC gives you the kind of head buzz that makes it ideal for daytime use. Plus, its effects are often followed by less paranoia and anxiety than those of other THC forms.

The combination of a light buzz and less intense side effects has the potential to make Delta 10 everyone’s THC drug of choice. Before that happens and there is a free-for-all on online stores selling this THC, check out our guide on one of the most underrated THC forms on the market.

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