Kratom Strains Guide: Effects, Dosage, & More (Update 2021)

With so many different kratom strains, it can often be overwhelming for beginners. Which strain is the best for you, and what you want?

Each strain has different effects, and the dosages for each strain will also vary quite a bit—so, it’s important to know the facts about kratom here.

Today we will be explaining how different strains of kratom have different effects, what effects they have, and we’ll cover some of the best strains, too.

So, before you decide to get kratom online, be sure you read this article from start to finish to understand exactly the different effects of each strain.

Different Colors of Kratom

As we’ve explained before, kratom is a very interesting form of plant medicine with a history and culture that goes back for thousands of years.

It can often be confusing for beginners to understand, but the important thing to realize is that each strain of kratom has different effects.

Kratom ColorPrimary EffectsDosage
Red KratomRelieve Physical Discomfort2-3 grams
Green KratomCalm Focus2-3 grams
White KratomEnergy & Focus2-3 grams

There are 3 main branches of kratom strains:

  1. Red Vein Kratom
  2. Green Vein Kratom
  3. White Vein Kratom

Each type of strain has slightly different effects, although they are all similar. Furthermore, there are different strains under each color here.

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For example, red strains are typically “slower,” making them best for relieving physical discomfort and enhancing mood, however there’s even more different types of strains under “red” kratom, such as Red Bali, Red Borneo, and more.

Red Kratom

StrainsPrimary EffectsDosage
Red BaliRelieve Physical Discomfort2-3 grams
Red Maeng DaEuphoria2-3 grams
Red MalaySleep & Relaxation2-3 grams

The first type of kratom is red vein kratom, which is generally known to be the most relaxing type out there, and is great for euphoria and relieving physical discomfort.

Taking red vein kratom has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Euphoria & Happiness
  • Relieving Physical Discomfort
  • Deeper Sleep & Relaxation

The beginner dosage for red vein kratom is typically in the 2-3 grams range, and of course, as always, you can take more later if you feel alright.

Green Kratom

StrainsPrimary EffectsDosage
Green BaliRelaxed Focus2-3 grams
Green MalayEuphoria & Relaxation2-3 grams
Green ThaiSleep & Relaxation2-3 grams

If red kratom is “slow” and white kratom is “fast” the green kratom is right in the middle—not overly euphoric, but not as energetic as white, either.

Green vein kratom is great for relaxation during the day, particularly if you are stressed, but don’t want to become so relaxed that you lose energy.

Taking green vein kratom has a number of benefits, such as:

  • Relaxed Focus
  • Calm Energy
  • Zen Productivity

Plenty of businessmen and entrepreneurs use green kratom to stay focused throughout the day, without losing their cool and getting nervous.

White Kratom

StrainsPrimary EffectsDosage
White ThaiHigh Stimulation2-3 grams
White IndoEnergy & Physical Comfort2-3 grams
White KaliModerate Energy2-3 grams

White vein kratom is the most stimulating of all kratom strains, meaning that it’s often taken during the day to increase energy and productivity.

There’s many benefits of taking white vein kratom, such as:

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Better Focus & Concentration

Many people love white strains, although its recommended that you start off with a moderate green strain if it’s your first time taking kratom.

Full List of Strains & Effects

There’s a huge number of kratom strains to choose from when you’re first getting started, so to make this easy we’ve compiled a giant list for you.

If you learn something from this list, please share it—we’ll cover the effects of each different strain, the dosage of each one, where to get it, and more.

Red Kratom

Red Hulu KratomExtremely euphoric, soothing, and relaxing, great for relieving discomfort and falling asleep2-3 grams
Red Sumatra Elite KratomGreat euphoria red kratom for beginners, awesome for creativity and relaxation2-3 grams
Red Bali KratomCreates an exceptional sense of well being, great for mental healing and recovery2-3 grams
Red Horn Super KratomDeep mental and emotional mood enhancement, great for treating mood disorders2-3 grams
Red Malay Super KratomVery unique red strain, as it offers both relaxation and energy, as well2-3 grams
Super Red Indo KratomHigh energy red strain, great relaxation and creativity, combined with focus2-3 grams
Ruby Red Thai KratomThe “mental juggernaut” of kratom strains – unstoppable euphoria, creativity, & focus2-3 grams
Red Vein Thai KratomExplosive energy of white kratom combined with euphoria & good feelings of red2-3 grams

Green Kratom

Green Bali KratomSome of the highest quality green kratom available, great for clean, relaxed focus2-3 grams
Green Malay Elite Elephant KratomCreates an incredible feeling of harmony, combined with a zen-like state of focus2-3 grams
Green Indo KratomOne of the most balanced strains of kratom, with great energy and relaxation2-3 grams
Green Maeng Da KratomGreat for productivity, energy, and getting things done – the businessman’s favorite2-3 grams
Green Vein Thai KratomA relatively fast green strain, this type of kratom is great for a boost in energy2-3 grams

White Kratom

White Horn Super KratomA highly underrated kratom strain which creates an enhanced, energetic calm2-3 grams
Superior White Hulu KratomOne of the most fun kratom strains of all time – an incredibly “chill” energy2-3 grams
Platinum White Bali KratomAn extremely high end kratom strain which promotes cheer and joy in users2-3 grams
White Vein Borneo KratomA very stimulating strain of kratom which promotes energy without jitters2-3 grams
White Maeng Da Elite KratomIncredible strain for high energy activities – boosts gym performance & endurance2-3 grams
Diamond Malay White KratomAn incredibly popular white strain which improves productivity and concentration2-3 grams


In summary, there are many different types of kratom, but there are three main colors from which all strains derive: white, green, and red.

All strains of kratom have similar effects, but they are slightly different, and the best strain for you will vary depending on the goal you have in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions
❓ What Effects Does Red Kratom Have?

Red kratom is typically known for being more soothing and euphoric than the other strains of kratom. Those suffering from depression and chronic pain typically like using red kratom for its ability to help lift their mood and numb their pain.

❓ What Effects Does Green Kratom Have?

Green vein kratom is typically known to be in-between red and white vein kratom strains in terms of its effects. A nice middle-ground, it's mildly euphoric and soothing, but also somewhat energizing and good for mental clarity and focus.

❓ What Effects Does White Kratom Have?

White vein kratom is known for being the "fastest" of all the kratom colors. It's typically known for being highly stimulating and energizing, making it a perfect kratom strain for anyone trying to be productive and get things done.

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