GW0742 Guide: Review, Dosage, Benefits, & More (2022)

GW0742, just like Cardarine, is a selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPARδ) which has been gaining in popularity of late.

Anecdotal evidence and human trials show that GW0742 users experience enhanced muscle endurance, increased energy levels and improved insulin sensitivity.

However, just like most other research chemicals, there’s a lot of misinformation circulating regarding GW0742, so we decided to clear it all up in this article.

While GW0742 helps its users achieve their fitness-related goals and helps keep them healthy, there are some facts about this supposedly better version of Cardarine you should know first.

What is GW0742?

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GW0742 is a highly selective and potent PPAR delta agonist. It is currently being sold for research purposes under license from GlaxoSmithKline. PPAR delta agonists are nuclear receptor proteins that play a vital role in regulating metabolism, cell development and cell differentiation in humans.[R]

Many users believe that GW074 isn’t much different from Cardarine, another PPAR delta agonist sold by GlaxoSmithKline. A look at the structural formula of both compounds shows that it might be true, given that there is only a minor difference in one atom between GW0742 and Cardarine.

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It’s, therefore, possible that both these compounds might offer the same benefits, and their side effects might be similar, too. Perhaps that’s the reason why GW0472 is said to be the subsequent (and updated) version of Cardarine GW501516 PPARδ.

Overview of Benefits & Effects

Before we look at what the scientific community has to say about GW0742, let’s first have a quick overview of its benefits and side effects.


  • Reduces Gut Inflammation
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Helps With Diabetes
  • Improves Lipid Profile
  • Prevents Hypertension

Side Effects

  • Increases Heart Size In Mice

The biggest concern many potential users have with GW0742, as they did with Cardarine, is that it might cause cancer. However, as we’ve explored in our Cardarine review, that concern isn’t worth losing your sleep about.

FDA has approved many PPAR delta agonists for human consumption, but GW0742 still carries the status of an investigational drug. [R]

This means that GW0742 has been tested in the laboratory and the FDA has approved this compound for testing in people, pending clinical trials on its safety. [R]

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How does GW0742 Work?

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GW0742 works similar to most PPAR delta receptors. It is thought to perform two crucial functions in our body: converting the fats in our system into energy and bringing our muscles in an oxidative state to increase their endurance to training.

Both these facts mean that GW0742, at least in theory, should increase our endurance. However, we’re yet to see any definitive research stating the same, so for the time being, we can only speculate the effects GW0742 may have on human endurance and muscles’ response to strength training.

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Research has, however, proved that GW0742 improves the body’s insulin sensitivity. A study carried out on rats demonstrated that the bodies of mice who took GW0742 became more sensitive to insulin than members of the placebo group. Though, human trials that could prove the same are lacking.[R]

GW0742 Benefits

GW0742 benefits

Research done on GW0742 has found that it provides various benefits to users. They include reduced inflammation in the gut, reduction in total cholesterol in the body, and improved lipid profile. Best of all, GW0742 has been shown to alleviate cardiac hypertrophy.

Here are key benefits of GW0742:

  • Reduced Gut Inflammation
  • Improved Blood Lipids
  • Reduced Total Cholesterol
  • Improved Diabetes Symptoms

The most eye-catching benefit of GW0742 is its ability to strengthen the heart. In fact, one study found out that rats who took GW0742 increased better cardiac health many times over more than members of the placebo group. [R]

1. Reduces Gut Inflammation

Anyone who has ever dealt with an inflamed gut can tell you how uncomfortable things can get. The inflamed gut can give rise to many problems, including low blood sugar, irregular fatigue, unexplained nausea, chronic constipation, and acne. [R]

If you’re experiencing some of these health conditions and suspect gut inflammation might be behind them, GW0742 might help. Human trials have confirmed that GW0742 won’t only reduce the inflammation in the gut. It might end up resolving the problem once and for all. [R]

2. Improves Heart Health

Cardiac hypertrophy is one of the most dangerous heart diseases. This disease stems from the increase in the size of the cells which form the heart’s muscle. It leads to the abnormal enlargement of the heart muscle and, if untreated, could cause heart failure or even sudden death.

The good news is that, in GW0742, health experts might have found a cure for this disease. A study has confirmed that GW0742 successfully contributes to the inhibition of cardiac hypertrophy. That’s not all. Apart from stopping the disease, GW0742 could reverse the damage caused by it. [R]

3. Improves Lipid Profile

A lipid profile shows the amount of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol in your body. More importantly, it measures the amount of triglycerides in your system. Pay special attention to the latter, as high triglycerides increase the risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke.

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Research has found that when taken in small doses, GW0742 enhances our heart’s lipid metabolism. This means your heart will be in a much better position to handle triglycerides once you start taking GW0742, and your lipid profile will resultantly look much better too. [R]

This is why users will often take GW-0742 on a SARMs cycle, as one side effect of SARMs can be potentially elevated lipids. By taking this research chemical, you can counteract this negative side effect and still retain the benefits of SARMs.

4. Helps With Diabetes

According to an estimate by the CDC, more than 34 million Americans had diabetes in 2020. That’s not the worse part. 88 million Americans – more than 1 in three – have prediabetes. These numbers are shocking once one considers that diabetes often leads to much deadlier diseases. [R]

Fortunately, a study conducted on rats has shown that GW0742 has the potential to be an anti-diabetic drug in the future. The researchers reached this conclusion after GW0742 was found to reverse the decrease in glucose levels in the body, something which diabetic people rely on insulin for. [R]

5. Prevents Hypertension

Did you know that more than half a million deaths in the US in 2019 had hypertension as a primary or contributing cause? That’s mainly because high blood pressure puts you at risk for stroke and heart disease, both of which are leading causes of death among Americans. [R]

A study carried out on rats has confirmed that GW0742 prevented hypertension caused by diet-induced obesity. This might be a game-changer in humanity’s fight against high blood pressure. That’s because being obese puts you at an elevated risk of high blood pressure than if your weight is normal. [R]

GW0742 Dosage & Cycle Guidelines

There are no officially sanctioned guidelines for the proper dosages of GW0742 for humans. What we know, however, is that rats were being administered 5 – 30 mg of this compound per kg of their body weight in studies, but this doesn’t reveal much.

If you’re really in the mood to try it, we’d recommend sticking to the same protocol as you do with Cardarine. That means you should take this drug for 10 mg a day for no longer than eight weeks. Then, once you’ve completed the cycle, follow up with post-cycle therapy.

GW0742 Side Effects

Even though GW0742 looks like an excellent product on paper, its one (and only) side effect has the potential to weigh heavier than all the benefits put together. This compound has been shown to increase the size of the heart. It activates calcineurin to do so.

Worse, this side effect won’t take weeks to develop. Neither can you blame the high dosages for being its cause. Mice who developed a bigger heart did so after just over a day of ingesting this compound, developing a condition known as cardiomegaly. [R]

That’s the only proven side effect of this compound, but one that would deter many from touching GW0742 with a ten-foot pole, and rightly so. Cardiomegaly is nothing to be trifled with, whether or not you have a family history of heart disease.


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All in all, GW0742 is an exciting PPAR delta agonist that shares many of its benefits – as well as side effects – with Cardarine.

Research has proved that GW0742 strengthens your heart, improves lipid profile, prevents hypertension and might be used as an anti-diabetic drug in the future.

If you’ve liked what you read about this drug and want to use it, we recommend consulting a reputed 3rd party tested source, like Pure Rawz.

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