Gold Bali Kratom Review – Is It Worth All The Hype? (2021)

Gold Bali Kratom, also known as “Bali Gold,” or “Royal Golden Bali Hippo,” is a strain of kratom that’s been getting a lot of attention and popularity lately, especially for those who like slow strains for relief and relaxation.

We’ve already covered many of the different kratom strains here—and it might confuse some people to see that there’s actually a “gold” strain. Technically “gold” just means sun dried, which can increase the potency.

In this article, we’d like to explain what Gold Bali kratom is, offer our review of it, cover the effects, dosage, and whether or not it’s right for you, the reader.

So, let’s go!

What is Gold Bali Kratom?

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First off, what is Gold Bali Kratom? It may surprise some users that while most kratom strains are classified as white, green, or red, there’s a catch here. Often when these types are “sun dried,” they turn into a nice golden yellow color, which is where it gets the name “Bali Gold” from.

The point of origin for this type of kratom is from Bali, in the regions of Southeast Asia. The humid climate, ample sun, and unique acidity levels in the soil make this kratom type have a very distinct set of effects and alkaloids.

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Gold Bali Kratom is typically sold in powder form—most types of kratom, whether red, white, green, or yellow, are sold in powder form, because this is the most cost efficient way of taking kratom on a regular basis.

According to some science, which is still shaky and uncertain, sun drying kratom is theorized to encourage the breakdown of a chemical known as mitragynine, and increase the levels of 7-hydroxymitrigynine. [R] This would explain why sun dried kratom tends to have a more relaxing and relieving effect.

Gold Bali Kratom Review

gold bali kratom

Overall, I give Gold Bali a 5/5 stars. This product is pleasantly relaxing without being too overwhelming, and is great for anyone who wants to experience some relief from the stress of day to day life.

Personally, I ordered my first batch of Gold Bali Kratom powder from Happy Hippo Herbals, and so far have been very impressed. Just a small amount of 2-4 grams has the ability to make me feel great.

Here’s a brief overview of this type of Kratom:

  • Speed: Moderately Slow
  • Origin: Bali
  • Vein Color: Gold
  • Benefits: Tranquility, Calm, Sense of Peace

This is a great product for anyone who likes to feel relaxed, but doesn’t want to feel too sedated or low on energy, like some of the red types of kratom can do. Overall, I have to give this a 5/5 stars.

Bali Gold Effects

As I said before, this is great for anyone who wants to experience powerful anxiety relief, an increase in mood, and overall stress reduction. While these claims haven’t been verified by the FDA, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that many users experience strong relief from taking kratom.

Here are some benefits of this type of kratom:

  • Very Balanced Overall
  • Brings “Peace of Mind” & Tranquility
  • Clean Energy Without Jitters
  • Great for Pain Relief & Discomfort Relief
  • Appetite Suppressant (Great for Losing Weight)

In particular, Bali Gold is great a great type of kratom anyone who just wants to relax. Unlike the “faster” colors of kratom, such as the white and green kinds, Bali Gold is known for creating a seducingly tranquil state of mind in most users.

Where to Buy Gold Bali

When looking around to buy kratom online, it’s easy to get suckered in to cheap kratom deals, and then realize later that you got ripped off. Rather than pay less for low quality kratom, it’s better to pay a little bit extra for high quality kratom that will last 10x longer and be 10x more effective.

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Overall, Bali Gold Kratom, or Gold Bali, is a very interesting and unique plant that has a series of positive, uplifting, and relaxing benefits. It’s not as slow as other types like Red Maeng Da, but is still very slow compared to most.

It’s phenomenal for anyone who just wants to experience relief without feeling sedated or without the feeling of losing energy. If I had to review this type of kratom, I’d give it a solid 5/5 from my own experience.

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If you’re interested in buying Bali Gold, then we recommend you get it from our #1 kratom vendor, Happy Hippo Herbals. Every batch is checked for the utmost purity, and we’ve only ever gotten good products from them.

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If you think we left something out, let us know—we always do our best to respond to readers in the comments section, so feel free to leave us a comment down there and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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