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Turkesterone Review (2024) – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Turkesterone Review - Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Turkesterone is a health and fitness supplement that has been taking the bodybuilding industry by storm lately. Known as an ecdysteroid (ECDY), this natural supplement has a highly anabolic effect on the body’s muscles.

Users of this supplement claim that the effects are extremely powerful. They claim that just one cycle rivals SARMs, or even anabolic steroids for that matter, in terms of the amount of muscle gained and fat burned off.

But are these claims just hype, or is there science to back them up? Is Turkesterone natural or is it some sort of weird designer drug? In this article, we’ll explore the science behind Turkesterone, to see if it stacks up against SARMs and anabolic steroids.

So, if you want to discover if Turkesterone really is a wonder drug that is so effective it should be a banned substance, then just sit back, relax, and keep on reading.

What is Turkesterone?

Muscular bodybuilder lifting weights in gym

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First off, what is Turkesterone? To put it simply, Turkesterone is a hormonal steroid extracted from the Marla Root or Leuzea plant, which is native to various countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Turkesterone is basically like an anabolic steroid but from a plant.

In fact, many researchers and scientists are saying that it’s one of the best legal steroids on the market right now, citing claims that it can help treat obesity and diabetes, and help users rapidly lose fat faster than most other supplements. [R]

…and while more research and scientific evidence should be acquired regarding Turkesterone, it does seem to REALLY excel at muscle building. Studies suggest that the Turkesterone benefits quite literally rival those of synthetic substances such as anabolic steroids.

Turkesterone’s anabolic activity is theorized to exist due to its very similar molecular structure to testosterone. In other words, Turkesterone supplements have a very similar effect on the body as pure testosterone does, which is why it’s known for being one of the most anabolic supplements on the market right now amongst bodybuilding circles.

What makes this health supplement unique however, is that it doesn’t bind to androgen receptors—meaning that you get the muscle growth effects of steroids, without many of the nasty side effects (similar to SARMs).

Instead, you get the same effects as anabolic androgenic steroids, all the good old muscle gain, all the awesome strength building, with NONE of the nasty side effects like hair loss or acne.

How Does Turkesterone Work?

Turkesterone works by ‘hacking’ the stress response in the body. It does this by regulating a stable balance in the adrenal, pituitary, and hypothalamic glands. These three glands separately produce hormones that help regulate our blood pressure, immune system, mood, vision, growth, and more.

By bringing the three glands in harmony, Turkesterone enables users to increase their lean muscle mass, improve recovery, enhance workloads, and stimulate gains during training. All in all, you can think of Turkesterone as a supplement that promotes a ‘super anabolic effect’.

In fact, the anabolic effects of Turkesterone and ecdysteroid supplements are very well documented. Scientific research tells us that simply taking a Turkesterone supplement (like the one I personally use right here) will lead to more lean muscle, better body composition, more muscular endurance, and very impressive results when it comes to appearance, too.

So, there has to be a catch, right? You can’t just BUY Turkesterone can you?

Is Turkesterone Legal?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Surely if human studies prove that Turkesterone supplements are as powerful as anabolic steroids, they must be illegal, right?

WRONG! Thankfully, anybody can go and buy Turkesterone supplements if they want, and get all the steroid hormones in their system that they want. Forget traditional anabolic steroids. Just go get yourself a Turkesterone supplement (like this one that we recommend).

Turkesterone is indeed legal to buy, sell, and advertise in the US. Similar rules govern this supplement across many countries including Canada, UK, Australia, and many others.

Is Turkesterone Banned?

While Turkesterone is legal to buy and sell, it is still outlawed from competition in the Olympics. In fact, it’s legendary for helping USSR athletes dominate in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, in which they won a whopping 55 gold medals. [R]

Yes, you read that right. Turkesterone is literally a banned substance, and the world anti doping agency hates it, because it gives olympic athletes such as huge advantage.

Is Turkesterone Safe?

Thankfully, yes. Turkesterone has been shown to be safe in both animal models and in every human placebo group it’s been tested on. It’s normally extremely well tolerated. [R]

Benefits of Turkesterone

Turkesterone benefits

According to animal studies (and even a human study or two), Turkesterone has a ton of benefits, such as rapid fat loss, accelerated recovery, increased muscle, and a prevention of muscle breakdown. That last benefit makes it a very good supplement for cutting. [R]

There’s also evidence to suggest that Turkesterone helps increase ATP production, which helps athletes improve endurance during a workout, by increasing your body’s energy stores.

Here are some benefits of Turkesterone:

  • Increased Muscle Gains
  • Accelerated Fat Burning
  • Prevents Muscle Breakdown
  • Increases Endurance
  • Doesn’t Require A PCT

If you’re considering taking Turkesterone for bodybuilding or other personal reasons, take a minute to read through this list of benefits to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

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Turkesterone is a very powerful fitness supplement that most users can benefit from, and best of all, it doesn’t even require a post cycle therapy like SARMs do.

Increased Muscle Growth

Enhanced muscle gaining is one of the most well known effects Turkesterone causes.

It’s clear that the positive effects of Turkesterone are far more than just a placebo pill. The effects Turkesterone has on muscle building, body composition, and overall lean muscle is absolutely crazy.

According to scientific evidence, Turkesterone increases muscle protein synthesis in the body, which is one reason it has so many positive health benefits. [R]

Prevents Muscle Breakdown

Once of the most annoying side effects of going on a cut is losing muscle mass. When your body is in a caloric deficit, it often turns to not only burning fat, but also burning muscle in order to meet its caloric needs.

Thankfully however, with a health supplement like Turkesterone, this effect is reduced. By increasing nitrogen retention in the muscles (similar to anabolic steroids), it’s far easier to retain muscle mass during a cut, and still burn fat.

With the added muscle building benefits of Turkesterone, you can cut down to a healthy body weight and build muscle at the same time in just a few weeks or less.

Reduces Fatigue During Exercise

Turkesterone, otherwise known as ecdysterone, increases ATP production in the body, similar to creatine.

ATP, otherwise known as adenosine-triphosphate, is a molecule our body uses for storing and transferring energy between cells, which makes it absolutely critical for having explosive strength and endurance. [R]

One of the top benefits of Turkesterone is its ability to help athletes enhance endurance, which will enhance every single workout that you do. By increasing ATP production, it will enhance your endurance and strength.

Improves Our Body’s Stress Response

Cortisol, the main stress hormone in the body, has a ton of health detriments such as decreased muscle mass, increased fat mass, lower quality sleep, and much more. In fact, cortisol is probably the single worst hormone a bodybuilder could have (when it exists in excess).

Turkesterone supplements reduce the cortisol in your body, by decreasing your stress sensitivity, which will not only improve your physical fitness, muscle growth rate, and fat burning rate, but it will also improve your peace of mind. [R]

Turkesterone Supplements Need No PCT

Many supplements that improve your performance in the gym, and that exert an anabolic effect on your body, will require a PCT, or Post Cycle Therapy, to get your hormones back on track.

The reason for this, is that taking a supplement (or anabolic steroids), will lower your body’s natural testosterone production, so when you get off, a PCT is good to get it back on track.

Thankfully, Turkesterone doesn’t bind to androgen receptors, so it doesn’t require a PCT. This makes it the perfect supplement to enhance protein synthesis, muscle mass, fat shredding rate, workout performance, and more.

Turkesterone Dosage

Man with flaming dumbbell

So, how much Turkesterone should you take?

Well thankfully, you don’t have to take large doses of Turkesterone supplements to attain the health benefits mentioned above. Even a small dose will help with building muscle, improve your mood and reduce your fatigue during exercise.

Anywhere from 30-50mg of Turkesterone per day is the ideal dosage. This dosage is for adults and the capsule should be taken with a meal. Don’t try ingesting the capsule on an empty stomach, or else complications may arise.

Here are the user-suggested Turkesterone dosage guidelines:

  • Beginner Dosage: 30mg/day
  • Intermediate Dosage: 40mg/day
  • Expert Dosage: 50 mg/day

Anecdotal evidence suggests no visible differences between users taking 30mg and those taking 50mg of Turkesterone per day. That means that if your main goal is to build muscle and improve athletic performance, you might want to stick to the dosage of 30mg/day.

Turkesterone Cycle

man doing pushups with dumbbells

The typical cycle of Turkesterone lasts between 8 to 12 weeks, the upper spectrum of that range is for expert bodybuilders who have been taking supplements for years. However, the fact that Turkesterone isn’t androgenic means you can take it indefinitely.

Still, we suggest sticking with an 8 to 12-week cycle. Analyze how your body responds to the supplement during this period and compare it with the gains you have achieved. If you’re getting satisfactory results without experiencing any side effects mentioned here, continue taking this supplement.

Keep in mind that Turkesterone doesn’t require any PCT. That’s because it doesn’t boost your testosterone levels or reduces your hormones. You can simply stop taking this supplement whenever you feel like it without following up with any PCT.

Turkesterone Before and After

turkesterone before and after results

Of course, you probably want to know what you’ll look like AFTER you go and do your first cycle of 100% Pure Turkesterone, right? You probably want to know what kind of gains you’ll get, huh?

Well, here’s your answer—you’re going to get freaking JACKED. I’ve done all manner of anabolic steroids in my life, and Turkesterone is quite literally up there with even the best of them.

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In just 30 days, you can expect to put on roughly 10-15 pounds of muscle, and lose fat at the same time. Most people hope for just one at a time, but with this compound, you can do both.

So, what in the heck are you waiting for? Just go buy Turkesterone from PureRawz (get the 60 pill size for a 2 month cycle), and start taking one pill per day. That’s all you need to get super jacked.

Turkesterone Side Effects

Turkesterone Side Effects

Now, surely a new supplement this powerful that has such promising results must have side effects, right? Well, while there hasn’t been enough research done yet, so far there’s no known side effects for this crazy new supplement (even in the high dose group in studies).

We’re yet to see a study linking the usage of Turkesterone to any side effects. That isn’t to say that this supplement is faultless. Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking Turkesterone on an empty stomach might cause nausea, a common side effect of taking bodybuilding supplements (boo hoo).

Other reported Turkesterone side effects include:

  • Lethargy
  • Loose stools
  • Diarrhea
  • Temporary headaches
  • Upset Stomach

Keep in mind that users who reported these side effects were in the minority – most users reported no adverse effects after they started taking this supplement. They also stated that the side effects disappeared when they were off cycle.

Best Turkesterone Supplement

Best Turkesterone Supplement

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In conclusion, Turkesterone is one of the strongest natural supplements right now for fat loss, muscle growth, and bodybuilding as a whole. Just one cycle can completely transform your body in a matter of weeks.

Otherwise known as ecdysterone, Turkesterone is one of the top fitness supplements that will enhance protein synthesis, increase your gym workout quality, help build muscle, lose fat, and much, much more.

If you’re looking for 100% pure, high quality Turkesterone, we recommend you get it through PureRawz. They’re one of the most established and well-trusted brands when it comes to nootropics and health and fitness supplements.

Just click here, use the code “MD15” and save 15% off Turkesterone.

Of course, as always, if you have any questions about Turkesterone, SARMs, or supplements in general, feel free to leave a comment or question down below and we’ll do our best to respond to you in a timely manner!


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  1. I’ve been considering taking Turkesterone, and I’m sure many others including myself first heard of it from Derek (more plates more dates) who sells his own Turkesterone on his site gorilla mind. His version of the supplement is 500mg a serving, and the optimal range as stated above is 30-50mg. Are there any other articles or studies that state 30-50mg is optimal before diminishing returns? I feel as though Derek is well established in the industry and is dosing his at 500mg for a reason, not to say this article is wrong. Just confused at the vastly different recommended dosages. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!

    1. His Turk is 500mg but is “Standardized to 10% Turk” meaning each pill has 50mg of Turk..

      However, many of the people who took Turk that Derek reviewed are using 4-6 pills taken in splits throughout the day, due to not knowing the half-life.

      I weigh 150 pounds and will be starting with 3-4 pills for first month to gauge, then increasing to 6 pills a day. As that’s what his sponsors are suggesting it took to see results.

    2. Derek’s is 500mg, however only 10% of it is actual turkesterone (standardized to 10%) — so you only get 50mg per 500mg pill

    3. It’s 500mg of Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Standardized to 10% Turkesterone). That means for every 500mg pill, you’re getting 50mg of Turkesterone. This article is talking about just Turkesterone(not the extract), so the 50mg dose is accurate.

    4. So you’ll find that the actual dosage of Turkesterone in Derek’s capsules is actually much less than 500mg. The other 450ish milligrams are a Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin complex. It’s not 500mg of pure Turkesterone.

  2. I am 75 yrs old take Blood pressure meds Amlodapien 5mg a day have worked out since 16yrs old weigh 210 6ft 1inc tall muscular is this safe with BP meds ? Thanks

  3. Does Turkesterone and creatine conflict with each other? Since they both help increase ATP production, then wouldn’t they compete in the body?

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