Rats Army SARMs Review: Why Rats Army Has The Best Flavored SARMs in 2022

Rats Army is different from other SARMs providers out there. For one, the flavored taste of its products differentiates this company from its competitors, most of whom face criticism for their supplements leaving a harsh ‘rubbing alcohol’ aftertaste in the mouth.

However, while the taste of its SARMs no doubt sets Rat Army from the competition, the quality of the supplements is what matters most. Another thing that was on our checklist while reviewing Rats Army was whether there was any proof of any third-party testing of its supplements.

Most SARMs providers you see on the internet opt for a simple CoA (Certificate of Analysis). Only a few go for the HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) analysis, which is way more comprehensive. We wanted to check which, if any at all, of the two testing regimens Rats Army opted for.

Another thing we examined during our Rats Army review is the quality of their website. We wanted to see for ourselves whether the website was easy to navigate and whether all the links worked properly. This gave us plenty of material on areas where Rats Army still has a lot to improve. Read on to know how.

Rats Army Review

Company Overview

By their own definition, Rats Army LLC is a research chemical manufacturing company. Flavored, liquid-form SARMs are the flagship products that have put the company on the map. Aside from that, Rats Army also sells Prohormones, Peptides, and Nootropics.

Rats Army has a wide variety of products in their catalog, including:

  • SARMs
  • Research Chemicals
  • Lipotropics
  • Nootropics
  • Peptides
  • Prohormones
  • …and more

You can shop their full catalog here, but overall, this is definitely one of the higher-tier SARMs companies on the market right now. Plus, the fact that their SARMs are flavored makes them extra easy to use.

Flavored SARMs & Company Name

First off, the biggest thing we like about Rat’s Army is the fact that they sell flavored SARMs. No other company sells liquid SARMs that taste like sour apple, gummy bears, and other fruity snacks.

Most SARMs companies sell SARMs that taste like alcohol, which obviously isn’t very fun to taste. As for the name of this company, they’re called Rat’s Army, because the idea is that these research chemicals are used to test on lab rats, so in doing so, an “Army of Rats” is what’s going to be made (an army of jacked lab rats).

Rats Army Results

rats army jon anthony results

The results above were documented by Jon Anthony on his blog Masculine Development, in which he stated that after a 30 day cycle of their RAD 140 and Ostarine. You can read his full Rats Army review here for more details.

While results like this are certainly not typical, and he may have been what’s known as a “hyper-responder” to anabolics, plenty of other users on Reddit and bodybuilding forums report similar results.

Here was Jon Anthony’s self-reported regimen

In addition to Jon Anthony’s report, multiple anonymous users from Reddit have reported massive size gains, strength increases, and endurance gains after a cycle of LGD-3303 (Ligandrol) and GW-501516 (Cardarine). This gives credence to Rats Army’s claims that its products provide users with the desired results.

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Another group of users report a reduction in pain relief and muscle spasms after exercise after completing a cycle of Piracetam, which lasts between 1 – 8 weeks for adults (800 mg; 3times/day). They also noticed that their concentration and memory powers increased once they started taking the supplement.

Keep in mind that, for the best results, you’ll want to do a full SARMs cycle which is typically either 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or 12 weeks. The more results that you want, the longer you should take them, but it’s not recommended you take SARMs for longer than 12 weeks at a time. It’s also important to follow up with a high quality SARMs PCT.

Full Review & Details

man with muscles in the gym

Company Features

Rats Army aspires to be the leading SARMs manufacturer in the industry. They have plenty of reasons to feel confident of achieving that goal given that their quality control standards, 3rd party product testing and product purity are second to none.

Furthermore, as we verified by testing one of their products, every single batch of Red Army’s product comes with dosage guidelines and safety data. On top of everything else, Red Army provides a 30-day refund guarantee on all their products.

All these features, when viewed together, tells you all you need to know to believe that this company manufactures high-quality, safe and effective SARMs.

Shipping & Prices

Rats Army offers free shipping on all domestic orders over $99, but if you want to receive their products abroad, the company will charge you a small shipping fee. The company insists that it ships all orders within nine business days, but expect delays due to COVID-19 induced technical issues.

Domestic orders are handled by USPS Priority Mail and DHL ships international orders. You can log onto the shipping company’s website to track your order. You can also cancel your order before 12 PM PST on the day ordered, and the company also offers a 30-day refund guarantee.

Buy Rats Army SARMs Here

As for pricing, Rats Army actually has some of the best prices on the market. This is especially impressive, considering that they offer flavored SARMs, which likely cost more to produce. In addition to this, the fact that they offer a discount code for 20% off (just use the code “nanotech” at checkout) knocks the prices down even further.

Needless to say, they’ve got some of the best prices on the market.

Rats Army Products

At the time of writing, the company’s official website was selling 7 different SARMs (e.g. Andarine, Ligandrol, Cardarine, etc.), all in liquid form. It was also manufacturing 10 different peptides. Most of which were in liquid form; at least one (BPC-157) was available in both liquid and cream forms.

Here’s some of what Rats Army has for sale:

The company is currently selling only one Prohormone (Androdrol) in various formulations. It also offers 12 different nootropics, including Alpha GPC, Piracetam, DMAA, among others. All in all, Rats Army is manufacturing an army of supplements meant to boost your mental and physical health.

Payment Methods

Rats Army offers a large number of payment options, including PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, TransferWise, and Bitcoin. Unfortunately, they don’t accept credit card payments because credit card companies don’t trust SARMs and put restrictions in place that make the entire thing cumbersome.

We suggest you don’t exercise the PayPal payment option. Why? PayPal, like credit-card companies, doesn’t take a favorable view of SARMs or SARM vendors. If you use PayPal to pay for SARMs, you’d be taking the risk of breaking the company’s terms of service, putting your account in danger of suspension.

Rats Army Coupon

If you’re looking for a discount code to use at Rats Army, to knock their (already very inexpensive) SARMs prices down even further, then we’ve got you covered. Just use the code “nanotech” and you’ll get a whopping 20% off your order.

The best thing about the discount code is that it never expires. You read that right. You can use the discount code to get 20% off every time you purchase anything from Rats Army, whether it’s SARMs, nootropics like Piracetam, research chemicals, or anything else.

Purity of Rats Army SARMs

Rats Army SARMs Purity

Rats Army seems to have put every foot right in their quest to ensure the quality of their products. For instance, while the majority of SARMs manufacturers supply their product with a simple CoA attached to it, Rats Army’s SARMs have undergone extensive HPLC testing.

Researchers have accepted HPLC testing to be highly effective at testing the quality, purity and efficiency of the substance under the microscope. That Rats Army’s SARMs all come with an HPLC testing certificate means you can rest assured of getting exactly what is stated on their packaging. [R]

Buy Rats Army SARMs Here

In fact, if you look at one of the test results above from their RAD 140, you can tell that it’s quite literally the highest purity possible—over 99.9% pure. So, don’t rely on low quality SARMs vendors. Instead, buy SARMs from the best vendors you can get, like from Rats Army.


Rats Army ticks various boxes to get our praise. First, despite being relatively new to the game, the company has opted for 3rd party testing standards that you won’t see established SARMs manufacturers implementing. This shows it has the safety of the end-user in mind.

Secondly, we have gone through the lab test results that come with their products and have found them to be some of the most high-end we have seen. Our own research, as well as anecdotal evidence, confirms that these results are 100% legit, which means you can safely buy SARMs from them.

Thirdly, Rats Army hasn’t hidden many things from their current and potential users. Their FAQs section is some of the most exhaustive we’ve come across on a SARMs manufacturer website. Go to the FAQ page if you have some questions whose answers you didn’t get in this guide.

That’s the reason why if someone asked us to grade Rats Army out of 10, we’d give them a 9. This has as much to do with the effectiveness of their products as it has to do with the lengths the company has gone to ensure that its SARMs remain safe for the users.  


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