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Epitalon Guide: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, & More

Epitalon Guide: Navigating Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, and More for Comprehensive Insights

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide known for its anti-aging effects. It has been shown to promote longevity, increase skin elasticity, and kill free radicals that cause many diseases. Epitalon has also been found to increase protein synthesis in the body and may thus help you build muscle.

In fact, it’s becoming popular for bodybuilders to use Epitalon in order to gain an edge in their competitions. It helps you build muscle, shred fat, and gives you more energy, too.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Epitalon. We’ll start by discussing what this synthetic peptide is and where it came from. Next, we’ll look at its benefits for the skin, longevity, and muscle building. Finally, you’ll get to know the most optimal Epitalon dosage.

What is Epitalon?

What is Epitalon?

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide made of four amino acids (alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and glycine). It is based on a natural peptide called epithalamin extracted from the pineal gland. [R]

Similar to SARMs, it belongs to a class of compounds known as research chemicals, which are currently being investigated for potential clinical applications, but it’s still legal to buy and sell online.

Epitalon was initially developed by Vladimir Khavinson, a Russian scientist and gerontologist who was working on a method that could sustainably extract epithalamin from bovine pineal glands. After failing to do so, he formulated a synthetic version of the natural peptide. [R]

Various studies have highlighted multiple potential benefits of Epitalon. This synthetic peptide may confer longevity benefits by killing free radicals and preventing the death of body cells (which causes aging). It may also boost protein synthesis to help you build muscle. [R]

How Does Epitalon Work?

How Does Epitalon Work?

Epitalon appears to have one primary goal: to reverse or at least stop the aging process, making it similar in effect to growth hormone increasing peptides and compounds, such as MK 677 or CJC 1295.

To meet this objective, it increases the production of telomerase. [R]

Telomerase is a natural enzyme that helps in the production of telomeres, a long chain of nucleotide bases that cover the tips of your DNA strands. In doing so, telomeres prevent any loss of genetic information when the DNA copies itself at the time of cell replication.

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As we age, the body’s natural production of telomeres decreases. This results in the ‘leakage’ of genetic information and causes aging and age-related diseases. Epitalon prevents all of this by boosting the production of telomerase and, by extension, telomeres. [R]

Epitalon Benefits for Bodybuilding

Epitalon Benefits for Bodybuilding

Several human clinical trials have documented how Epitalon could benefit your health. This synthetic peptide has been found capable of normalizing T cell function to boost immune health. It has also been shown to induce telomerase elongation in human somatic cells.

In contrast to what most people believe however, the benefits of Epitalon aren’t limited to improved skin health and better cell health. This synthetic peptide may also help you build muscle mass, lose body fat, and thus achieve a leaner and more athletic look.

Here are the proven benefits of Epitalon:

1) Might help you achieve and maintain muscle gains

A study conducted on human cells has shown that Epitalon could increase protein synthesis in the body. Here’s why this should excite bodybuilders. [R]

Scientists have a general consensus that muscle hypertrophy (muscle build-up) occurs due to increased muscle protein synthesis after each resistance training. Put another way, without adequate protein synthesis in the body, you would never be able to bulk up. [R]

That said, the role of protein synthesis isn’t limited to helping you build new muscle. Consistent production of muscle protein is also needed if you want to retain existing muscle. Thus, Epitalon helps you achieve and maintain muscle gains by increasing protein synthesis. [R]

2) Might help you lose body fat

Research has shown that skeletal muscle protein synthesis in response to amino acids (which is how Epitalon boosts protein synthesis) reduces whole body fat. [R]

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Another study has shown that consuming a diet that promotes protein synthesis in the body leads to reduced body fat mass. Moreover, such a diet may also protect fat-free mass, meaning Epitalon might increase lean body mass while reducing fat. [R]

3) Corrects circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles that make the body’s internal block. When they are disturbed, you may experience insomnia, daytime sleepiness, and reduced productivity. [R]

A clinical trial involving 14 older adults has shown that Epitalon may correct circadian rhythms. Results from the trial reported that this synthetic peptide improved melatonin production, which is important as melatonin helps regulate the circadian rhythm. [R][R]

4) Improves retinitis pigmentosa symptoms

Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic eye disease that affects the retina (the light-sensitive layer of the tissue in the back of the eye). Most people with this condition develop a poor vision. [R]

Results from a clinical trial show that Epitalon improved damage to the retina caused by this hereditary disease in 90% of the patients. [R]

Best Epitalon Dosage for Bodybuilding

Best Epitalon Dosage for Bodybuilding

The most common protocol that bodybuilders follow is 1.5 mcg/kg (150 mcg for a 100 kg person) once or twice a day. It is suggested to cycle Epitalon for 30 days using the above protocol. Taking 3-4 months of a break between successive cycles is recommended.

Thankfully, because Epithalon (Epitalon) isn’t hormonal, no post cycle therapy is required.

While there is no official dosage, here are some more guidelines:

  • Beginner Dosage: 75mcg/day
  • Intermediate Dosage: 100mcg/day
  • Advanced Dosage: 150mcg/day

Most of the dosages are based on weight, but those are some rough guidelines that you can follow. If you’re extremely jacked/heavy (over 200 pounds) you may consider taking up to 200mcg/day.

How to Use Epitalon?

How to Use Epitalon?

Epitalon is usually administered via intramuscular or intravenous injection. Some people also inject it transdermally (through the skin) by pinching their belly fat and injecting it there (similar to HCG).

Since it’s a synthetic peptide, you should never take Epitalon orally. The enzymes in the digestive tract are notorious for breaking down peptides before they can enter the bloodstream, which is where they need to be injected so they’re intact in the bloodstream.


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Epitalon is a synthetic peptide that helps cells reproduce telomeres. It has also been shown to rejuvenate skin health, alleviate symptoms of a rare eye disease, and correct circadian rhythms. Epitalon may also help you achieve and retain muscle gains and reduce body fat.

Overall, it’s a great peptide that can really aid bodybuilders in achieving their goals. It will help you build muscle, lose fat, and even has anti-aging effects, in addition to making your skin look better.

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If you have any questions about Epithalon or research chemicals in general, don’t hesitate to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Is Epitalon a potent antioxidant?

Yes. Numerous studies have shown that Epitalon vigorously counteracts the action of free radicals and reactive oxygen species, thus shielding the body from age-related effects.

❓ Is Epitalon neuroprotective?

Potentially. A preclinical study has shown that Epitalon may correct several impairments of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (which is crucial to brain health). It has also been shown to increase the sensitivity of the hypothalamus to natural hormonal influences.

❓ Is Epitalon anti-aging?

Epitalon exerts its anti-aging effects by increasing the production of telomeres, long chains of nucleotide bases that protect your DNA from damage. As we age, the production of telomerase nosedives and consequently cell replication and health take a hit.


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