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TB 500 Full Guide: Here’s Everything You Need to Know (2024)

TB 500 Full Guide: Here's Everything You Need to Know

TB 500 is a synthetic peptide supplement. It’s a man-made replica of Thymosin Beta 4, a naturally occurring protein peptide that helps your body cells and tissues heal in the aftermath of an injury. Thymosin Beta 4 is also responsible for reducing swelling around the damaged body part.

Little wonder, then, that TB 500 is also famous for its healing properties. This synthetic peptide supplement has been used for decades by veterinarians looking to help horses recover from injuries. As a result of this advantage, TB 500 vials are a common sight at horse racing tracks.

The human use of TB 500 began a decade after it was found to be safe for horses. TB 500 was first administered to a girl who had a non-functioning thymus gland. In the following decades, its clientele has snowballed to include athletes, bodybuilders and biohackers as users.

In this article, we’re going to look at everything TB 500. We’ll start by discussing what TB 500 is, how it works and what benefits it may provide to your body. Next, we’ll turn our attention to its dosage and cycles, before wrapping up with TB 500 side effects.

What is TB 500?

What is TB 500?

Thymosin Beta 500 is a man-made replica of TB 4, a naturally occurring protein peptide. TB 500 was first discovered in the lab sometime during the 1960s. It was originally used to help horses recover from injuries and to prevent the formation of adhesions.

TB 500’s human use began in 1974. It was first administered to a girl whose immune system had collapsed due to a non-functioning thymus gland. Since then, this synthetic protein-peptide supplement has been used by various people to speed up injury recovery and reduce swelling.

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However, similar to SARMs, the benefits of TB 500 aren’t limited to accelerating recovery from injuries. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is highly beneficial for healthy hair growth, too. Multiple bodybuilders have gone on record stating how their endurance levels went through the roof after completing a cycle of TB 500.

In short, TB 500 is a synthetic peptide that improves muscle tissue repair, accelerates muscle growth, increases red blood cell reproduction, heals connective tissue faster, and heals muscle tissue fibers faster, too—it’s essentially like taking human growth hormone, but even better.

Overview of Benefits & Effects

Before we turn our attention to what clinical studies have to say about TB 500, first let’s have a brief glance at the benefits and side effects of promising new research chemical.


  • Decreases Injury Recovery Time
  • Reduces Chronic Inflammation
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Helpful For Brain
  • Faster Healing And Wound Repair


  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea
  • Stomach Cramps

Keep in mind that the side effects of this research chemical aren’t fully known yet. More clinical trials and research is needed to shed light on all its drawbacks, but the existing research is very promising.

According to most anecdotal evidence, the biggest benefits of Thymosin Beta 4 and TB 500 are its ability to accelerate wound repair, and according to clinical trials, its ability to enhance healing and wound repair as well as help promote cell growth in connective tissue and muscle fibers.

Thankfully TB 500 is 100% legal to buy. You can literally go to Pure Rawz and buy TB 500 for Sale, to get the healing and wound repair benefits of this naturally occurring healing protein.

That being said, if you’re an athlete, you may be tested for it. TB 500 is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), both in-competition and out of the competition. The only way this research protein peptide can be marketed is for research purposes.

How does TB 500 Work?

How does TB 500 Work?

TB 500 works by governing the upregulation of cell-building proteins. These proteins bolster immune health, maintain proper pH, balance fluids and perform various other crucial functions in the body. With their upregulation, TB 500 promotes cell healing, cell growth and the migration of cells.

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Aside from that, TB 500 also creates new blood vessels through a process known as angiogenesis. That is something TB 4, whose replica TB 500 is, also does. The creation of new blood vessels allows more oxygen-rich blood to reach the damaged cells and tissues, helping them heal quickly.

Its nimble molecular structure and lower molecular weight allow TB 500 to reach the damaged body parts more quickly than other heavyweight protein peptides. This accelerated movement throughout the body enables TB 500 to accelerate the healing process.

TB 500 Benefits

TB 500 Benefits

Accelerating recovery from injury is one of the major benefits of TB 500. Other benefits of this peptide protein supplement include an increase in hair growth, improvement in your endurance, and reduction in joint inflammation. TB 500 has also been shown to regenerate blood cells.

Here are the major benefits of TB 500:

  1. Accelerates Recovery from Injury
  2. Reduces Chronic Inflammation
  3. Improves Cardiac Function
  4. May Treat Brain Disorders
  5. Stimulates Hair Growth
  6. Faster Wound Healing

TB 500 has a whole host of wound healing benefits and muscle fiber growth benefits that most athletes can benefit from. Let’s look at what the clinical trials and research say about this naturally occurring healing protein.

1. Accelerates Recovery from Injury

TB 500 accelerates recovery from injury by increasing the cell migration around the body and building new blood vessels. Both these events result in the increase in the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the damaged area, helping its tissues heal quickly and effectively. [R]

The creation of new blood vessels won’t only help you recover from injuries quickly. It might also reduce your blood pressure. There is ample research showing that the formation of new blood vessels often leads to a reduction in blood pressure, potentially saving you from heart disease. [R]

2. Reduces Chronic Inflammation

According to a study conducted on human cornea, there is ‘mounting evidence’ that TB 4, which has the same properties as TB 500, has anti-inflammatory properties. The research also found that the peptide supplement can prevent the death of human corneal cells. [R]

That is great news given that chronic inflammation can very dangerous for your health. It can trigger your immune system to attack your body’s healthy tissues and organs. Prolonged chronic inflammation can also increase your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases. [R]

3. Improves Cardiac Function

Research has unearthed various ways TB 500 might improve cardiac function. This protein-peptide supplement might allow your heart to work better by playing a pivotal role in all the stages of heart vessel development, including vasculogenesis, angiogenesis, and arteriogenesis. [R]

That’s not all. TB 4 has also been shown to promote the survival of cardiomyocytes, the cells that make the heart contract. Cardiomyocytes aren’t very easy to regenerate, so their prolonged survival is key to better heart health, something Thymosin Beta 4 manages to do with aplomb.

4. May Treat Brain Disorders and Injuries

According to a study carried out in 2015, Thymosin B4 promotes the plasticity of the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (CNS). This, the study concluded, directly led to recovery among the patients with a wide range of brain injuries and disorders. [R]

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Aside from that, treatment with the peptide supplement significantly improved behavioral and functional outcomes among the patients. The researchers involved in the study also concluded that TB4 could be used as a ‘potent’ anti-inflammatory agent to bring about neurological recovery.

5. Stimulates Hair Growth

Hair loss is a major problem these days. And it isn’t only men who will experience some form of hair loss during their lives. Health experts estimate that of the 80 million+ Americans affected by hair loss, almost 40% (or over 32 million) are women. [R]

TB4 and, by extension, TB500 might help all these people. A study has found that TB4 increases hair growth by stimulating hair follicle stem cells, raising hopes that this protein peptide supplement might rectify the issue faced by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Combining TB 500 with RU-58841 usage would result in an extreme transformation, in which the user would be able to reverse hair loss up to 10 or even more years.

6. Faster Wound Healing

TB 500, and also TB4, or thymosin beta 4, have been shown to rapidly accelerate wound healing and build muscle tissue fibers at an accelerated rate. This naturally occurring peptide has demonstrated in clinical trials that it enhances healing for connective tissue, new blood vessel pathways, and both human and mammalian cells.

This makes TB 500 thymosin beta an ideal protein peptide for athletes and active people to take, due to the fact that it will promote cell growth, improve healing and wound repair, and help develop larger muscle cells, among many other benefits.

TB 500 Dosage and Cycle Guidelines

TB 500 Dosage and Cycle Guidelines

There are no officially sanctioned guidelines for TB 500 dosage. That’s because this supplement is yet to be approved by the FDA or any other regulatory authority around the world. We therefore suggest you consult your doctor to find out the TB 500 dosage that is right for you.

That being said, TB 500 thymosin beta is a very well tolerated peptide that can help improve soft tissue injuries, upregulate cell building proteins, and even boost growth hormone. In short it’s a wonder protein peptide that has a ton of practical applications for most users.

Here are the user-recommended TB 500 dosage guidelines:

  • For beginners: 5 mg per week, taken twice in seven days
  • For professionals: 20 mg per week, taken twice in seven days

While most users insist that a weekly 5 mg dose gives best results, some are of the view that taking between 15 mg and 20 mg is best. Keep in mind that the effects are dose dependent, as well.

In other words, the more TB 500 thymosin beta that you take, the more new blood vessels form, the faster your blood vessel development will be, the faster your muscle injuries will heal, and more.

TB 500 Cycle Guidelines

TB 500 cycle can be divided into two phases. The ‘loading phase’ lasts for the first 4 to 6 weeks, after which the ‘maintenance phase’ kicks in, which can last indefinitely.

Loading PhaseMaintenance Phase
5 – 20 mg per week; 2-3 times per week
4 to 6 weeks
2.5 – 10 mg per week; 2-3 times per week

Keep in mind that TB 500 is banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), both in-competition and out of the competition. Athletes going to compete in national or international level competitions should therefore steer clear of this supplement. [R] [R]

TB 500 Side Effects

TB 500 Side Effects

Various studies give contradictory findings about the safety of TB 500. There are pieces of research stating that TB 500 might (emphasis on might) cause cancer cell growth. At the same time, other studies have concluded that TB 500 might prevent cancer.

The link between TB 500 and cancer has been posited by physicians who found higher-than-usual levels of this peptide in the bodies of cancer patients. This gave rise to rumors, most of which are based on hearsay, that TB 500 is somehow cancer-causing.

However, further research showed that instead of causing cancer, TB 500 promotes the formation of white blood cells, which fight cancer. That’s precisely the reason why TB 500 might be found in cancer cells – it’s there to fight the enemy rather than aid it in destroying your health.

Aside from this, there aren’t many studies on TB 500’s safety profile. That’s to say that a complete picture of whether this supplement is 100% safe is yet to emerge. Anecdotal evidence, however, links TB 500 to lightheadedness, nausea and stomach cramps, but these feelings go away after a few minutes.


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In short, TB 500 has shown to be incredibly effective in human and mammalian cells according to clinical trials, with benefits ranging from faster wound healing to growth of new muscle tissue fibers, to even facilitating cell migration.

You can get many benefits from using TB 500. This protein-peptide supplement accelerates recovery from injury, reduces chronic inflammation and improves your heart health. It may also treat brain disorders and could stimulate the growth of hair follicles too.

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Keep in mind, though, that TB 500 is banned by WADA as well as USADA. There’s little if any chance of the FDA approving it for human use in the foreseeable future. This means that sellers can only market this supplement for research purposes or as reference material.

This makes it crucial that the vendor you’re buying this supplement from is of good reputation. It’s also vital that the TB 500 you’re buying comes with publicly visible lab reports to ensure transparency and quality. Only then you can count on the supplement you’re buying to be safe.


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