PRL-8-53 Guide: Dosage, Benefits, Effects, & More (2022)

PRL-8-53 is a synthetic supplement. Its users claim this nootropic improves long-term memory, verbal fluency and focus and concentration skills. They also credit it for improving episodic memory. These claims, if true, will make PRL-8-53 a game-changer in humanity’s fight against dementia.

That is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dementia is among the top five most feared health conditions in the developed world. A survey has found that almost two-thirds of the United Kingdom’s population is fearful that their life will be over with a diagnosis.

PRL-8-53 might help you get rid of this fear. A human study has shown that this nootropic enhances the memory of its users by 200%. That’s not all. The researchers conducting the study also noted that the drug’s administration led to no side effects.

The study has fueled speculations that PRL-8-53 is much more than a cognitive enhancer. Is there any truth to those rumors? And, more importantly, does this supplement really enhances long-term memory? Let’s find out.

What is PRL-8-53?

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PRL-8-53 is a nootropic research chemical. It is derived from benzoic acid and phenylethylamine (PEA). Benzoic acid is a staple ingredient in dairy products, fruits, and plants, whereas PEA is used to treat depression, improve athletic performance and weight loss. [R]

This supplement was developed in 1972 by Creighton University’s Dr. Nikolaus Hansl. Six years later, Dr. Hansl conducted a human trial that showed PRL-8-53 doubling the memory with a single dose. This discovery made it an overnight sensation among the nootropic community. [R]

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A rat study further burnished its reputation. It showed that the learning powers of rats improved massively after taking PR-8-53 orally. Both these trials have led users to believe that this powerful nootropic supplement could boost memory and cognitive function in humans. [R]

Overview of Benefits & Effects

Before we turn our attention to the evidence based analysis of how this supplement could boost memory and enhance cognition, let’s have a glance at its potential benefits and adverse effects.


  • Improves Long-Term Memory
  • Enhances Verbal Ability
  • Greatly Increases Focus
  • Boosts Cognitive Function

Side Effects

  • May Interact With Other Drugs
  • Might Cause Temporary Insomnia

Keep in mind that only one human study has been conducted on PRL-8-53 till date. That means that more research is needed to know more about its potential drawbacks.

How does PRL-8-53 Work?

According to the 1978 study, PRL-8-53 works in three main ways: [R]

1. By enhancing acetylcholine activity

Acetylcholine is a crucial neurotransmitter. It helps the brain and body function normally by expanding blood vessels, slowing the heart rate, contracting smooth muscles and increasing bodily secretions. By boosting acetylcholine activity, PRL-8-53 might keep memory loss at bay. [R]

2. By boosting dopamine production

PRL-8-53 increases the potency of dopamine in the body. This is great news. Dopamine plays a vital role in the memory formation, especially episodic memory, which lets you remember such things as what you had for dinner last night or where you parked your car in the morning. [R]

3. By partially inhibiting serotonin

Serotonin is a body chemical that helps your brain and nerve cells function. However, if its levels in the body get too high, you might experience shivering, diarrhea, muscle rigidity, seizures and even death. PRL-8-53 might prevent these unwanted scenarios by modulating serotonin production in the body. [R]

PRL-8-53 Benefits

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One glance at its reviews clarifies that this PRL-8-53’s benefits aren’t limited to significant improvement in memory. Users also credit this psychotropic agent for enhancing their verbal ability, cognitive functions and ability to focus. These four are the primary benefits of PRL-8-53.

Here are PRL-8-53 benefits:

  • Improved Long-Term Memory
  • Increased Verbal Fluency
  • Boosts Focus and concentration

Let us take a detailed look at these benefits:

1. Improves Long Term Memory

In the 1978 human trial, 47 healthy volunteers were given a 5 mg PRL-8-53 dosage. The participants took the nootropic 2 hours before a word recollection test. They then listened to recordings with various words in sequences. On the test’s completion, they were asked to recall the words.

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Two hours and 96 minutes after their first set of answers, the volunteers were again asked to recall the words they had encountered during the test. The final result showed an average 80% improvement in the participants’ short-term memory after taking PRL-8-53.

2. Enhances Verbal Ability

In its only human trial to date, the participants were tested for their verbal ability. The final results showed that the members who had taken 5mg of PRL-8-53 several hours before the test recalled more correct words than their counterparts who had taken the placebo pill.

Having read what you have in this review, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. That’s because you already know that this nootropic boosts dopamine, the body chemical that influences word generation and speech processing in humans. [R]

3. Greatly Increases Focus

PRL-8-53 improves focus by ensuring your serotonin levels remain in the normal range. Research has found that normal serotonin levels help you feel more focused and emotionally stable. They also make you feel happier, calmer, and less stressed out. [R]

Keep in mind that PRL-8-53 doesn’t boost serotonin levels. Instead, it modulates them. It is, therefore, necessary that you keep this supplement’s dosage in check. Too much PRL-8-53 might lead to serotonin deficiency, potentially leading to depression and sleep deprivation. [R]

PRL-8-53 Dosage Guidelines

You can check out the PRL-8-53 clinical trial to know about the correct dosage. The published study involved participants taking 5 milligrams of this supplement per day. We suggest taking low oral doses, too, especially since a high doses was linked to impaired motor movement in animal studies.

The original patent filed for PRL-8-53 stated the ideal dosage varies between 0.1 and 4 mg/kg of body weight. That’s highly controversial, as it means someone who weighs 100kg has an ideal dosage range of 10 – 400 mg per day. This is an incredibly wide range, with huge variance.

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Because of this, we suggest you ignore the dosage information given in the patent, and get started with an initial dosage of 5 mg per day. This dosage didn’t produce any side effects in the only PRL-8-53 human study conducted to date, so you can count on it to be safe.

Some users recommend increasing the daily dosage to 10 milligrams once you have used this nootropic for quite some time. This will let you know how your body responds to small doses, potentially keeping any side effects at bay.

PRL-8-53 Side Effects

One scientific research that studied the effects of PRL-8-53 on mice found that it impaired motor activity at higher dosages. The research made this conclusion but didn’t mention the intensity of the side effects and whether or not PRL-8-53 would impair motor function in humans, too.

Furthermore, there is little clinical evidence on whether you can use PRL-8-43 during the breastfeeding or pregnancy periods. Because of that, we suggest you refrain from taking this supplement if you’re in either of the two periods. If you still want to use PRL-8-53, consult your doctor first.

There isn’t any scientific research indicating how this powerful supplement will behave upon interacting with other medicines in your body. So if you’re using other nootropics or medicines at the moment, we recommend you ask your doctor to provide medical advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take PRL-8-53?

In its only human study, PRL-8-53 was administered orally. Because of that, we suggest you also stick to an oral dose of this nootropic supplement. You can swallow PRL-8-53 with water, a drink or crush its pill into powder form for easier consumption.

Does PRL-8-53 work?

At least one human trial, various pieces of anecdotal evidence and multiple user reviews confirm that this supplement has a nootropic effect on users. The human trial further showed that PRL-8-53 was successful in boosting the participants’ memory by 200%.

PRL-8-53 is a research chemical with an “unscheduled” legal status in the United States. That means you can legally purchase this supplement in the US. Plus, since it isn’t a prescription drug, You can buy PRL-8-53 from any retail outlet. [R]


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PRL-8-53 is one of the most beneficial nootropics out there. It could help improve long-term memory, reduce the risk of memory loss and improve focus and concentration.

This supplement has also been shown to modulate serotonin levels in the body, saving you from both mild (diarrhea and shivering) and severe (muscle rigidity, seizures) symptoms.

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