Phenibut Guide: Full Review, Dosage, Effects, & More (2022)

Phenibut is a research chemical used for anxiety relief that has grown in popularity amongst bio-hackers, particularly over the past decade.

Proponents of this nootropic claim that it can obliterate any and all social anxiety, helping you stay cool under high pressure situations.

What does the data say, though? Is Phenibut safe? Are there any side effects? What about the proper dosage protocol?

In this article, we’ll aim to give a science-based report on one of the most fascinating new nootropics out there: Phenibut.

What is Phenibut?


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The history of this stuff is pretty fascinating. Like many nootropics, it was developed in Russia as a way to help their agencies gain an edge.

Phenibut, or phenyl γ aminobutyric acid was first developed in the 1960’s by Russian scientists, who needed a way to help astronauts stay calm, but not sedated. [R]

As you can imagine, astronauts are under a lot of high pressure situations, but if you gave them something like Xanax, they could doze off or pass out, and crash a multi-billion dollar space ship. Not good.

So, scientists developed a compound known as Phenibut HCL, and since then, many people have used this drug to great success at reducing anxiety.

Despite the fact that the FDA has not approved phenyl γ aminobutyric acid for human use (yet), many people find that it helps them relax in high stress situations.

Phenibut Overview

Pros of this Drug

  • Very Powerful Clinical Drug
  • Strongly Decreased Anxiety
  • Highly Effective Sleep Aid
  • Can Treat Depression
  • Lasts All Day (Very Strong)
  • Backed by Clinical Evidence
  • Very Powerful Muscle Relaxant
  • Great For Stress Reduction
  • Safe in 99.99% of Healthy Individuals

Cons of This Drug

  • Makes Alcohol 10x Stronger (Don’t Mix)
  • Taking Too High A Dose Can Cause Fatigue
  • Easy to Get Addicted if Irresponsible
  • Hard to Find Good Dose When Beginner
  • Can Cause Withdrawal Symptoms w/ Regular Use

In general, phenibut is a very safe drug that, when used properly, can drastically improve your quality of life—just be safe and smart.


Thankfully, while phenyl γ aminobutyric acid is not an FDA approved treatment or licensed pharmaceutical drug, it’s still completely legal to buy and sell online as a supplement.

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How Does Phenibut Work?


Phenibut begins working shortly after ingestion (within 1 hour), and quickly starts acting on the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. [R] GABA derivative phenibut is an extremely powerful tranquilizer and smart drug with a large number of benefits, that acts on GABA receptors.

GABA, short for gamma-Aminobutyric acid, is a neurotransmitter associated with a feeling of calm, relaxation, and tranquility—so, it’s no wonder that if β phenyl γ aminobutyric acid increases GABA, it helps with anxiety, and can even be used to treat post traumatic stress disorder.

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Phenibut HCL is what’s known as a GABA analogue, which means it’s capable of passing the blood-brain barrier, and binding to the brain’s GABA receptors.

This is what causes the relaxed and calm feeling that Phenibut users report experiencing—that feeling of sheer and utter tranquility that we all love.

What Does Phenibut Feel Like?

Phenibut is known for providing people with a high similar to other GABA based drugs such as Xanax and opiates. Personally, I would say that the effects of Phenibut HCL are comparable to Xanax, without the drowsiness. It’s a potent tranquilizer and nootropic drug.

In other words, using phenibut feels like you’re high on Xanax or drunk on alcohol, WITHOUT the drowsiness, loss in coordination, and other nasty side effects that make it hard to function.

In fact, many people find it’s easy to go to work while on phenibut; a testament to how easy it is to function while using this wonder drug.

Benefits & Effects

Phenibut Benefits
How It Feels To Be On Phenibut

Phenibut HCL is a very powerful nootropic which has a whole host of benefits, some proven, some more based on anecdotal research.

The benefits of taking phenibut may vary depending on the individual, but those who have a tendency to suffer from anxiety will benefit greatly.

In fact, many users claim that β phenyl γ aminobutyricacid is the best treatment for anxiety, and works better than GABA and other supplements.

Here are some benefits of Phenibut usage:

  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Lower Stress Levels
  • Improved Cognition
  • Less Brain Fog
  • Powerful Sleep Aid
  • Better Than Drinking Alcohol
  • Can Stack With Other Nootropics
  • …and more

When used properly, Phenibut can be a powerful anti anxiety nootropic that will aid anyone greatly. When used improperly however, there can be serious side effects—so do not use this drug lightly.

Reduced Anxiety

The biggest health benefit of this supplement is its ability to help reduce anxiety levels in users. In fact, sometimes one dose is all that’s needed.

Anxiety can be a life-crippling health condition, and can make you susceptible to Xanax addiction, and other health-threatening things.

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…and while phenibut is certainly not free of side effects, the addiction potential tends to be less than that of Xanax, valium, and other prescription medications commonly given out for panic attacks.

Improved Mental Performance

While GABA based drugs like phenibut HCL are generally known for their ability to reduce anxiety, β phenyl γ aminobutyric acid can also lead to improved mental performance.

In fact, many people feel that they’re able to think clearly on phenibut, without anxiety weighing them down. Just one dose is enough to last the entire day (with a low tolerance), and it leads to total mental clarity.

Studies have not confirmed this, however user reviews on Reddit, and also my own experience have confirmed this. It’s often far easier to think when you have reduced anxiety, than when you’re highly alert and in fear.

Powerful Sleep Aid

One of the areas that Phenibut really shines is in its ability to help people rapidly fall asleep, and STAY asleep. Like many people, I also suffer from insomnia—but with β phenyl γ aminobutyric acid, just one dose is enough to do the job.

This drug, similar to other GABA based drugs, has a calming and anxiety reducing effect that makes it very easy to sleep. Imagine the feeling of total calmness and surrender—like everything is okay.

That’s essentially what using phenibut HCL feels like, and it’s why so many people like to use it for a sleep aid.

Clinical Research

There’s ample evidence to suggest that when taken responsibly, phenibut can be a powerful supplement with a variety of treatment applications.

Most notably, recent health research suggests that when taken in an appropriate dose, phenibut can be a powerful treatment for those suffering from anxiety attacks and insomnia. [R]

The treatment potential of phenibut is particularly promising, due to its ability to rapidly pass the blood brain barrier, and stimulate GABA, serotonin, and dopamine receptors in the brain.

In fact, one study even compared this supplement to valium, a prescription medication prescribed to help patients reduce stress and panic attacks. [R]

Dosage Guidelines

While there’s no established recommended dosage for phenibut, most veteran users agree that taking 500 milligrams is a good place to start.

Everyone’s anatomy and brain chemistry is different, so it’s always best to start off small, since you can always take more phenibut later.

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Some more advanced users may take up to 3 grams of phenibut per day, but a dose this high has huge potential for overdose, addiction, and more.

Here are the recommended Phenibut dosages:

  • Beginner: 500 mg
  • Intermediate: 750 mg
  • Advanced: 1,000+ mg

While you’re trying out different dosages, it’s important to never go beyond taking 5,000 mg per day, otherwise you risk a potential overdose.

Always start with a really small dose at first, to assess your tolerance. Try taking just 500mg of the phenibut from Pure Rawz on an empty stomach.

If you don’t feel it starting to kick in and reduce your anxiety within 2-3 hours, then consider taking another 500 mg to further assess your tolerance.

Half Life & Dosing

One of the unique things about phenibut is that it has an extremely long half life when compared to most GABA altering drugs. Most users can expect a half life of up to 5 hours when using phenibut. [R]

This means that phenibut will stay in your system for roughly 26 hours, and the effects of phenibut will last for up to an entire day (especially with multiple doses taken several hours apart).

It is for this reason that most people recommend using phenibut early in the morning on an empty stomach—this way you can feel the effects of this drug all day long, whether you’re at home, at work, or somewhere else.

Cycle & Safety Guidelines

Because your body will naturally build up a tolerance to Phenibut quite rapidly, it’s important that you cycle off it for at least 2-3 days at a time.

So, if you take Phenibut on Friday, it would be best then to take Saturday and Sunday off, and resume usage on Monday, followed by 2 more off days.

This is known as “cycling” Phenibut, and it’s how you can avoid building up a tolerance to this drug. Remember—never take it two days in a row, otherwise you may start to build up a tolerance.

How to Take Phenibut Safely

If you want to get the most out of phenibut, you need to understand that this stuff is very strong, and you shouldn’t mess around with it.

When taken properly, phenibut can be a wonder drug with a ton of positive effects, such as feelings of euphoria and emotional serenity.

When taken improperly, phenibut can cause people to get tons of nasty side effects like fatigue, withdrawal, weakened immune system, and more.

Here’s how to take phenibut the RIGHT way:

  • Start With A Small Amount (This Stuff is Powerful)
  • A Good Beginner Dose is ~500 mg
  • Mix it With Warm Water & Start Drinking It
  • Be Sure to Take it on an Empty Stomach
  • Record Your Results for the Next 1-2 Hours
  • If You Don’t Feel Much, Take Another 500 mg

The biggest mistake most beginners make is they either try taking too much phenibut, or they simply don’t take it on an empty stomach (so it takes a long time to get into their blood stream).

Stacking Guidelines

Once you have some experience with the effects of phenibut on your own individual brain and body, you can begin to experiment with stacks.

A stack is where where you take multiple nootropics to get even more enhanced effects—this stuff is for more advanced users, though.

Here are some drugs that stack well with Phenibut:

  • Adderall (5-10 mg)
  • Aniracetam (250 mg)
  • Gorilla Mind Smooth (2-3 Pills)
  • Modafinil (100-200 mg)
  • Caffeine (100-200 mg)

For beginners, we recommend you try taking phenibut with 1-2 cups of coffee for the caffeine boost in energy, productivity, and focus.

Where to Buy Phenibut

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You can buy Phenibut in one of two forms:

The liquid form is clearly more expensive, and if you do the math, you get a better deal when you buy the powder. That being said, powder is harder to measure and may not be the best choice for a beginner.

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For most beginners, we recommend you start off with the liquid form of phenibut, available for purchase here, and start with 1-2 droppers.

Phenibut Side Effects

withdrawal side effects

While Phenibut can be a very powerful anti-anxiety drug and nootropic, it can have some serious side effects if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Thankfully, most people will not experience any bad side effects if they follow the proper dosage protocol, but we still advise caution. [R]

Here are some potential Phenibut side effects:

  • Sleepiness & Drowsiness
  • Potential Headaches
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Respiratory Depression
  • Irregular Heartbeat

Most individuals will not experience these side effects if they take the proper Phenibut dosage, drink plenty of water, and get enough rest.

That being said, if one decides to combine Phenibut with kratom or alcohol, the odds of encountering nasty side effects grows exponentially. If you do combine this drug with other dietary supplements, and experience vstibular disorders, acute behavioural disturbance, acute alcohol intoxication, acute psychosis, or other side effects, be sure to call any one of your local poison control centers.

When taken safely, this drug has proven clinical effects that will benefit most users greatly—however when taken in an unsafe manner, you may experience physiologic phenibut dependence or other nasty side effects, and should call a poison control center immediately.

Withdrawal Symptoms

One serious side effect you may encounter with phenibut is withdrawal, which typically happens if you take it on far too many consecutive days, at far too high of a dosage. This is why phenibut withdrawal management is extremely important.

Similar to other drugs, if you take too much for an extended period of time, you may develop a tolerance, and suffer withdrawal symptoms when you quit. This is known as acute phenibut withdrawal and is a very serious condition.

Those who take phenibut regularly make develop a phenibut dependence, and severe rebound anxiety after quitting. Taking too much may lead to phenibut overdose via acute toxicity.

This is why it’s so important to space your dosages out and take days off—so that you don’t get any adverse effects, and your drug administration doesn’t leave to physical dependence. This is generally the best clinical practice to decrease anxiety and avoid phenibut addiction.

Here are some common Phenibut withdrawal symptoms:

  • Panic Attacks
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Sweating
  • …and more

If you do experience phenibut withdrawal symptoms, be sure to contact a doctor if they don’t go away within 24-48 hours. They can be serious. Most GABA derivatives have powerful neurochemical mechanisms that alter your brain chemical balance—this can be in a good way when taken responsibly, but if you initial dose is too high, or you mix it with other drugs, it can be bad.

This being said, most people can avoid any sort of withdrawal symptoms with phenibut by simply using it responsibly and taking frequent breaks.

Phenibut Overdose Warnings

Unfortunately, many poison control centers report a relatively high level of phenibut exposures reported. This is due to the fact that the drug alcohol combo of this dietary supplement is highly warned against—some individuals still choose to combine them, which is dangerous.

If you do combine this drug with alcohol, and experience any vestibular disorders, or use this drug with concomitant kratom dosages, call a poison center near you immediately. Your local poison center will be able to provide medical advice and therapeutic goods administration to keep you safe.

Unfortunately, according to a comprehensive literature review of the mortality weekly report, analytically confirmed recreational data suggests that phenibut containing products combined with alcohol, kratom, or other drugs, is a high contributor to respiratory arrest caused in users.

Most phenibut exposures reported suggest that users combining them experience the worst side effects, and typically those with voluntary chronic alcoholism experience the worst side effects, according to the regional poison center. If you have alcohol dependence, do not take this drug.


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In conclusion, the effects of Phenibut are potent and strong. Just one dosage, and most users report a drastic decrease in anxiety levels, as well as many other desired effects, such as improved cognitive function.

That being said, it must be used with caution. Never take more than the recommended dosage (250 mg to start), and always take off days. This will help you avoid phenibut addiction or other negative clinical effects reported.

If you do want to buy 99% pure Phenibut for a great price, we recommend you click here and use the code “MD15” for 15% off your order.

Phenibut is a phenomenal drug when used properly, and we hope that you decide to use it with caution—if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ Is Phenibut Legal to Buy Online?

Thankfully, yes. Although Phenibut is not currently approved in the United States for the treatment of health disorders, it's still completely legal to buy online. That being said, not all sources are of equal quality, and many are selling fake phenibut, so be careful.

❓ Is Phenibut Addictive?

Phenibut, as with any drug that acts on the GABA neurotransmitter in the brain, can be addictive if abused and used improperly. This is why most recreational users recommend that you take it no more than 1-2 times per week, to avoid building up a tolerance.

❓ What is Phenibut FAA vs. HCL?

Both Phenibut FAA and Phenibut HCL contain the same ingredient (phenibut), but they're just made made differently. You can take the same dose for each, and will experience the same effects - it's easier to take FAA sublingually however, due to lower acidity.

❓ What is Phenibut Typically Used For?

While Phenibut is not approved as a drug in the United States, many recreational users take Phenibut for social anxiety, treatment of addiction to more serious drugs, and as an alternative to alcohol.

❓ How Common is Phenibut Abuse?

In my experience, not common. While some people may abuse phenibut, as long as you only take it 1-2 times a week, you should be completely fine. The only people who get addicted are those who take it every single day, or are reckless with its usage.

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