Male Extra Review: The #1 Best Natural Viagra Alternative?

If you’re looking for a honest Male Extra review, then you’ve come to the right place. Tons of penis pills promise big results, but don’t live up to the hype.

Does Male Extra live up to the hype? Does it really cause rock hard erections and also stellar sexual performance? Or are all the reviews just nonsense?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

  • An Honest Review of Male Extra
  • If Male Extra Actually Works
  • The Ingredients in Male Extra
  • How to Take Male Extra
  • Benefits, Side Effects, & Much More

So, if you’re ready to discover the science behind this powerful male enhancement supplement that’s taking the market by storm, keep reading.

Our Male Extra Review

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First we’d like to give an overview of this product before we get into the ingredients, benefits for men, how to take it, and everything else.

Overall, this product is one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market right now, due to its patented formula of powerful ingredients.

Here’s what we like about Male Extra:

  • Easy to Take (Just 3 Pills Per Day)
  • Starts Working Immediately
  • Clinically Proven Ingredients
  • Harder Erections & Last Longer
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free & Discreet Shipping (Global)

Overall, Male Extra is a phenomenal penis pill that does the job, and does it right—we haven’t had a bad experience with this supplement at all.

Customer Testimonials

There’s a ton of extra reviews by satisfied customers out there that you may be interested in. We’ll get into the clinically proven reasons why the ingredients in Male Extra work, but for now, here’s a few customer reviews.

Male Extra Review #1

Here one customer says that the product “exceeded expectations,” and has also helped him in the bedroom. He says it’s the best male enhancement product he’s used by far.

Male Extra Review #2

Another customer says that his results have been phenomenal so far, although he doesn’t go into explicit explanation (and understandably so).

The customer also implies that Male Extra can increase your girth, as near the end of his review he says to “look no further” than this supplement.

Male Extra Review #3

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Cameron, along with many other customers, even found that Male Extra led to him seeing an increase in the size of his penis (by 0.5″ to be exact).

There’s dozens of extra reviews you can read here if you aren’t convinced, but for now, let’s get into the benefits and also explore the ingredients, too.

Male Extra Benefits

Dozens of satisfied customers, and tons of positive reviews all confirm the same things—this supplement has a ton of male enhancement benefits.

Not only will it give you harder erections, but if you combine it with one of our favorite penis pumps like the Bathmate, you’ll get a bigger penis, too.

Here are some benefits of taking Male Extra:

  • Longer Lasting Erections
  • Increased Blood Flow to the Penis
  • Stronger & Harder Erections
  • Increased Testosterone Levels
  • Enhanced Orgasm Quality & Intensity
  • Great Natural Alternative to Viagra

…and that’s also not to mention your satisfied girlfriend or wife! Most of the customers we’ve spoken to all say that their woman is very pleased.

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In addition to this, the ingredients aren’t just random bro-science. No, they’re backed by actual clinical studies and research, which we’ll cover.

Male Extra Supplement Effects

Clearly the #1 benefit of this male enhancement supplement is an increase in erection hardness, thus leading to better sexual performance in bed.

If you’re looking for a natural supplement that’s effective, and helps improve erection quality and sexual performance, Male Extra is the way to go—in fact, it might even improve your orgasm intensity, as well.

Each of the ingredients is designed to increase performance, stamina, and overall sexual health, which will leave your girlfriend satisfied.

Male Extra Ingredients

As we’ve said before, many research chemicals (such as SARMs) these days are rife with phonies, fakes, low quality ingredients, and tons of filler.

Thankfully, all of the ingredients in Male Extra were chosen due to the ample research backing them—in fact, studies confirm their efficacy.

Here are some ingredients in Male Extra:

  • Pomegranate Extract (500 mg) – Natural Performance Enhancer
  • L-Arginine HCL (600 mg) – Increases Blood Flow
  • Cordyceps (25 mg) – Natural Increase in Energy
  • Zinc Citrate (45 mg) – Boosts Testosterone in Men
  • Niacin (18 mg) – Better Blood Flow & Erection Quality
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (100 mg) – Enhanced Erection Quality
  • L-Methionine (100 mg) – Helps Men Have Erections Longer

All of these ingredients have been clinically proven to enhance blood flow, increase the strength of erections, and even increase your penis size, too.

We recommend you combine Male Extra with a penis pump to achieve the maximum increase in penis blood flow and size, as well—read our review of the best penis pumps for more information.

Clinical Research

Now, you may be wondering if Male Extra will REALLY work or not. Are these reviews just BS, or will this actually improve your sexual health?

Thankfully, the ingredients in Male Extra are clinically proven to have powerful effects on the body, leading to enhanced sexual performance.

One of the ingredients in this supplement, for example, called L-Arginine HCL, has been clinically proven to improve erectile dysfunction. [R] [R]

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Another one of the ingredients, the Pomegranate Extract, has been shown to enhance blood flow in the body and even increase endurance, too. [R]

Zinc Citrate, which Male Extra has 45 mg of in one serving, has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men, according to clinical research. [R]

You can click here to read more about the clinical research.

Male Extra Summary

In conclusion, the great reviews by satisfied customers are right—Male Extra is currently one of the best male enhancement supplements out there.

It may not be as strong as actual, prescription-grade Viagra, or experimental research drugs, but it’s probably the next best thing.

If you want to buy Male Extra, they’re having a limited time 20% off sale—just click here, click “add to cart,” and confirm your order.

We hope you enjoyed our article, and if you have any questions, or want to leave your reviews down below, then please don’t hesitate to do so!

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