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A Comprehensive Look at Purerawz 9-Me-BC Powder Review 2024: Exploring Cognitive Enhancement and Parkinson’s Support

Purerawz 9-Me-BC Powder Review 2024

Can you imagine a world where neurological problems could be treated more effectively? With 9-Methyl-β-Carboline (9-Me-BC), you can enter a world of infinite possibilities. The treatment stands out as an object of hope across the many ways of Parkinson’s disease and cognitive advancement, providing not just relief but also a life-altering journey. Not only that, though! Mental health, emotional stability, and other uncharted territories are further explored in this article. Join us as we reveal the scientifically proven and life-altering ways 9-Me-BC can enhance your health and wellness.

What is 9-Me-BC?

9-Me-BC, which stands for 9-Methyl-β(Beta)-carboline, is a heterocyclic amine in the family of β-carbolines. This chemical is making news as a research chemical because it has exciting properties in neuroscience.[R]

The latest research shows that it has been connected to neurostimulation, neuroprotection, and even neuroregeneration, which increased the interest of psychonauts in this product. Think of a substance that helps your nerves and reduces inflammation; that substance is 9-Me-BC.[R]

Image source: Wikipedia.

Forget about the ordinary 9-Me-BC; the Purerawz powder is a game-changer. For a new and easy way to use 9-Me-BC, try the vial, which comes in 500g and 1000g sizes. Powder forms are cheaper than capsule or liquid forms, which is one of the things that makes this powdered form stand out.

Due to its comparatively long half-life of 15 to 24 hours, 9-Me-BC, produced from β-Carboline, is a long-lasting compound. This chemical improves your experience by preventing neuronal death and increasing their regeneration rate.

This approach provides you with control. Adjusting the dosage is effortless, allowing you to tailor your experience to your needs. The 9-Me-BC vial from Purerawz is gaining recognition in neuroprotection due to its user-friendly nature and efficacy. Discover the advantages of the powdered form of 9-Me-BC and unlock its superior benefits.

Is 9-Me-BC legal?

The Food and Drug Administration has not authorized 9-Me-BC (9-Methyl-β-carboline) for medical purposes and thus could not be supplied over-the-counter as a controlled medicine.

Even if WADA doesn’t outright ban them, some substances might not be suitable for usage in athletic competitions. For accurate data on chemicals prohibited in competitive sports.

What is the exact mechanism of 9-Me-BC?

The body functions through the interaction of 9-Methyl-β-carboline with dopaminergic neurons. This molecule benefits neurotransmitter activities as it is delivered through the dopamine transporter (DAT). The number of positive cells for tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) rises by about 20%, boosting neurotransmitter synthesis. Cognitive enhancers, sometimes called “smart drugs,” increase dopamine uptake by 20%, influencing the brain’s communication system.  [R

Besides its stimulating effects, 9-me-BC proves to be a protective mechanism for dopaminergic neurons in vitro by lowering rates of necrosis and apoptosis. It may also play a role in controlling cell proliferation, as its anti-proliferative effects indicate a decrease in BrdU incorporation in cultures. One of the molecular mechanisms through which this chemical exerts its beneficial effects is activating transcription factors in controlling dopamine levels. Crucially, it shows signs of possible anti-inflammatory actions by reducing the expression of inflammatory modulators, including inflammatory cytokines. [R

CAS Number2521-07-5
Molar Mass182.226 g·mol−1
Chemical FormulaC12H10N2
IUPAC Name5-Methyl-5H-pyrido[3,4-b]indole

9-Me-BC Powder vs LSD

There are significant differences between 9-Me-BC and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) in terms of their chemical makeup, ways of action, impacts, legal categorizations, and uses in research. OngoiPlayers should refer to the WADA Prohibited List for research investigating the possible benefits of 9-Me-BC, which shows promise for improving cognition and preserving neurons. Restoring dopamine levels and blocking serotonin and adrenaline absorption in the brain helps maintain good feelings and may even improve energy levels. On the other hand, LSD mainly acts as an agonist for serotonin receptors, which causes profound hallucinations and warps one’s perception and awareness. Due to its significant abuse potential and minimal recognized therapeutic utility beyond research settings, LSD is usually classed as a Schedule I-banned substance. However, the legal status of 9-Me-BC might vary by location and use. These differences highlight the different functions and advantages of these compounds in research and clinical practice, with 9-Me-BC standing out as a promising option due to its neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing capabilities.

9-Me-BC – Benefits:

Clinical trials and comprehensive reviews are just two examples of the many research and laboratory applications of 9-Me-BC. The potential health benefits, particularly its protective properties in an anti-inflammatory setting, are the focus of this inquiry. These advantages are outlined below:

  • Protecting and regenerating your brain cells. 

Do you or a loved one struggle daily with the devastating symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD)? Intimately related to PD are the detrimental impacts of certain compounds called β-Carbolines. However, there is new hope that 9-me-BC could solve the issues caused by PD. 9-Me-BC might be a lifesaver for people who have Parkinson’s disease.

The introduction of 9-me-BC to PD-affected brain cells had two main effects: first, it promoted the production of the essential enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), and second, it activated proteins that aid in regulating TH production. This provides hope for an alternative approach to control the detrimental PD processes. Furthermore, 9-me-BC boosted the growth of these brain cells, suggesting a beneficial effect on their general well-being. When these cells were exposed to harmful substances, 9-me-BC protected them and encouraged regeneration in cases with long-lasting toxic effects. This provides hope for mitigating the negative consequences of PD and suggests an option to preserve and restore these vital brain cells.[R

  •  Enhance cognitive functions and learning.

Do you ever wonder how different drugs affect the brain, particularly mental processes? The diverse sources of β-carbolines include fruits, meats, tobacco smoke, alcohol, and coffee. These substances can occasionally cause neurotoxicity, whether from outside sources or created inside (in the brain, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid). Out of all this, a new finding shifts out: 9-methyl-β-carboline had an unexpectedly beneficial effect on dopaminergic neurons in primary mesencephalic cultures.

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Curious about the possible cognitive impacts of 9-me-BC, researchers dug deeper into this discovery. Their study observed significant results after a 10-day pharmacological therapy with 9-me-BC, as opposed to a 5-day treatment. Rats given 9-me-BC showed enhanced radial maze spatial learning, increased dopamine levels in the hippocampus formation, and, following ten days of therapy, dentate gyrus granule neurons with more spines and longer, more intricate dendritic trees. To put it more simply, 9-me-BC was discovered to play an essential role in improving cognitive function in hippocampus-related tasks, in addition to its well-documented neuroprotective effects, anti-inflammatory characteristics, and other known benefits. An uptick in dopamine production and the development of new dendritic structures (the projection of neurons from the nucleus) and synapses seemed to be associated with this improvement. These results pave the way for further research into the potential cognitive benefits of chemicals like 9-me-BC and their effects on brain function. [R]

  •  Controls problems related to Parkinson’s disease, like movement and balance.  

Dopaminergic neurons are a kind of brain cell that can be injured or destroyed in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Problems with movement and coordination result from this. The excellent news is that 9-Methyl-β-Carboline is a potential solution. People dealing with PD have discovered that this substance is beneficial.

The degeneration of dopaminergic neurons, essential for coordinated movement, lies at the heart of Parkinson’s disease. Difficulty moving and becoming stiff are symptoms of this loss. The fact that 9-Me-BC appears to protect these crucial neurons is encouraging. Recent research has shown that it has dual effects: inhibiting cancerous cell growth and modulating genes essential for maintaining healthy dopaminergic neurons. To put it simply, it protects these vital brain cells. Another component associated with lower dopamine levels is 9-Me-BC’s ability to inhibit monoamine oxidase (MAO) activity. This inhibitory impact may help keep the brain more stable, which is essential because dopamine is necessary for appropriate movement. [R]

  •  Helps overcome mood swings.

Imagine your brain as a hub for joy, where  9-me-BC actively works to keep good vibes. One of its numerous significant impacts is restocking dopamine levels; another is preventing the brain’s recycling manager from eliminating adrenaline and serotonin, two more feel-good chemicals. This means that more of those feel-good signals are retained in your brain, which could lead to an enhanced state of mind.

But there’s more to the way 9-MBC improves mood. It acts like an architect for one’s mood by strengthening neural connections, especially those that govern motivation and happiness. Maybe your mind needs this communication boost to overcome mood swings. [R]

9-Me-BC  Reddit User Honest Review

Improves focus, libido, and alertness

A user reported using 9-Methyl-β-carboline for over 30 days, with a weekly dose and a two-day break in between. Some advantages include less drowsiness and more mental clarity before caffeine consumption. The user emphasized that the advantages are gradually shown. These side effects are improved concentration, increased libido, and more alertness. It alleviates lethargy.[R]

Improves anhedonia

If you’re familiar with the disturbing consequences of anhedonia, 9-Methyl-β-carboline is something worth trying, according to a user’s experience. If you want the best results, use 20 mg orally. Even though it works, taking 30 mg orally could make you nervous for a little while. Recognizing that the worry is fleeting and unrelated to any actual incident is something the user advises. Due to the effectiveness of oral consumption without side effects and its relative convenience, sublingual delivery was not tested. [R]

Effectively treats depression and anxiety.

The user mentioned that 9-Methyl-β-carboline had beneficial benefits on them, such as reducing anxiety and depression. Optimism, mental clarity, and general well-being were some reported benefits.[R]

Reduce the adverse effects of excessive stimulant use.

One user mentioned that they went through a difficult period that left them feeling down and unmotivated due to their heavy use of stimulants. The individual attempted numerous different methods in addition to cardiac exercise, bupropion, jiaogulan tea, bromantane, 9-Methyl-β-carboline, l-tyrosine, cerebrolysin, cortexin, and BPC-157 to resolve these issues. While it’s difficult to determine whether or not 9-me-BC directly improved the patient’s condition, it did so over time.[R]

9-Me-BC Side Effects: 

image side effects

Although nootropics have received mainly favorable reviews, it is essential to be aware of the possibility of adverse reactions. The product’s potential adverse effects have not yet been thoroughly investigated in any scientific studies. Nevertheless, we have gathered information from many forums that might be used as a starting point:

  • Increased photosensitivity may occur with long-term high-dose use. [R]
  • Some users have reported a mild loss of taste. [R]
  • As a side effect, you can feel anxious for a short while. [R]

9-Me-BC Powder  Dosage and Cycles:

For best results, the recommended daily amount of Hydrapharm 9-MBC is 15 to 30 mg. You should not utilize it throughout the entire year. Some people only take it briefly when needed, while others take it every two to four weeks with at least a four-week break in between.

If you use 9-Me-BC powder for the first few days, start with the lowest amount that works and slowly increase it. This method lets you see how your body responds and evaluate the results, which lowers the chance of side effects.

Purerawz’s 9-Me-BC powder, which comes in 500mg and 1000mg vials, is a simple option. The packages are well-made, so you can change the amounts to suit your needs. To make a smooth transition to powder, it’s best to start with a smaller dose and change it as needed based on your goals. Before adding 9-Me-BC powder to your routine, talk to a healthcare expert to know how to use it safely and effectively. 

Choosing a Nootropic Brand: Key Considerations

  • Quality Control: To ensure the product is pure and of good quality, look for sellers who offer certificates of analysis (COAs).

In this context, I’d say Purerawz earned customer confidence by prominently displaying the certificate of analysis (COA) on its website.

  • Reputation and Reviews: Read the reviews to discover how happy and reputable past customers were.

Reading reviews gives us greater trust in a product than reading the description; reviews reveal a lot about the company, and Purerawz has received primarily positive customer feedback.

  • Transparency: Choose sellers who are open about the ingredients they use and how they make their products.

This company has demonstrated its commitment to transparency through its COA and the assurances it provides through 1st and 3rd party testing and regular formula improvements of all of its products. 

  • Customer Service: Choose service providers that provide helpful and prompt customer service. Purerawz offers its customers contact information via live chat, email, and toll-free phone numbers. 
  • Value for Money: Compare price, quality, and service to understand the total value. With some companies offering as low as 5mg for an outrageous $380, Purerawz’s 9-Me-BC Powder is a steal for only $48.48 for 500mg. Considering the quality, this is already a reasonably priced buy!

  • Range of Products: Pick suppliers that offer a range of products that meet your needs. Purerawz not only offers nootropics products but also sells various health-enhancing supplements, such as Peptides, SARMS, etc., in multiple forms! You can explore the range of products here!
  • Shipping and Returns: Pick a shipping service you can trust and a fair return policy to make things easier and safer. You can choose the reliable delivery partner you had the best experience with from their options, which include USPS, UPS, and GlobalPost. Additionally, Purerawz has a dedicated area on its website for customers to TRACK YOUR ORDER


Is 9-me-BC neurotoxic?

9-Me-BC cannot harm nerve cells. It’s a drug that can keep your brain healthy and help it work better.

Does 9-me-bc cause DNA damage?

Under certain physiological pH conditions and UVA radiation, Yes. A study says that 9-methyl-β-carboline chemicals, especially 9-methyl-norharmane, 9-methyl-harmane, and 9-methyl-harmine, are to blame for this DNA damage. [R]

How do I take 9-me-bc powder?

People argue about the best way to take 9-Me-BC powder. Some say it’s active when taken by mouth, but my tests show that it may not work as well when taken by mouth. When tested, taking a double amount of 50 mg by mouth made things worse than taking 25 mg under the tongue, which had about 1/8th of the effect. [R]

Where to Buy 9-Me-BC Online?

Purerawz has been one of the market’s unnoticed heroes since 2014, producing high-quality goods that consistently improve people’s health and happiness. They are a good bet because they have worked with 9-Me-BC for a long time. Do you still need to learn? The Purerawz website has reviews from happy customers. This online store is the best choice if you want to buy something. They offer chat service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and reference studies to support what they say. Try them right away if you still need to do so. Get the best 9-Me-BC right away! 


To sum up, 9-Methyl-β-carboline has exciting potential in neuroscience because it has links to neurostimulation, neuroprotection, and neuroregeneration. The product comes in a powdered form that is easy to use, making experiencing the possible benefits of 9-Me-BC handy and flexible. This chemical is known for its therapeutic properties, which help neurons stay healthy and grow. Its half-life is between 15 and 24 hours.

9-Me-BC is suitable for many areas of health, from protecting and regenerating cells in Parkinson’s disease to improving happiness and cognitive abilities. Positive effects have been reported by users, such as better anhedonia, greater attention, libido, and alertness, as well as antidepressant and anxiety-reducing effects. Also, people who were healing from heavy stimulant use said that things got better over time. Even though more study is needed to fully understand the compound’s potential, 9-Me-BC looks like a good option for people who want to improve their brain health and cognitive function. However,  these fantastic health benefits will not materialize if you purchase from companies that don’t guarantee product quality. Purerawz has demonstrated its dedication to excellence by emphasizing transparency, customer service, value for money, and product quality. Purchasing from them is more like investing in quality than goods available on all other platforms. 


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