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Thymosin Alpha 1 Guide – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and More

Thymosin Alpha 1 Guide

Thymosin Alpha 1 is a peptide naturally produced in the body. It has been recognized for protecting and restoring immune function. The synthetic version of this peptide has been approved for the treatment of hepatitis B and C in some countries.

Due to the way it works in the body, Thymosin Alpha 1 has been investigated in clinical trials involving patients with respiratory disorders, various forms of cancer, and sepsis. In all these trials, this peptide has been found to be safe and effective.

Preclinical research has further shown that this peptide may promote nerve growth in the nervous system, suggesting that Thymosin Alpha 1 could help protect brain health. Plus, it has been reported that this compound can lower blood pressure.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Thymosin Alpha 1. We’ll start by discussing what this peptide is and how it works in the body. Next, we’ll discuss the benefits, side effects, and optimal dosage of synthetic Thymosin Alpha-1.

What is Thymosin Alpha 1?

Thymosin Alpha 1 (TA-1) is a 28 amino acid peptide naturally produced in the body. It is synthesized and secreted by thymic epithelial cells. The thymus gland makes and trains immune cells (T-cells) that strengthen the functioning of your immune system.

Although it was first isolated from the calf thymus in 1977, subsequent research has indicated that TA-1 exists in various parts of the human body. These include the thymus gland, as well as lungs, kidneys, spleen and lymph nodes. TA-1 can also be found in the brain.

Since its discovery, TA-1’s effects have been investigated in various clinical and preclinical settings. Its first phase II trial was conducted on lung cancer patients in 1985. Results from the trial indicate that the administration of synthetic TA-1 improved overall survival.

At the time of writing, TA-1 is undergoing various clinical trials worldwide. These trials are exploring the effects of this peptide on hepatitis B and hepatitis C infections. This peptide has also shown great efficacy against various respiratory diseases and other conditions.

How does Thymosin Alpha 1 Work?

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Thymosin Alpha 1 exerts multiple effects inside the body.

This peptide modulates your immune system by interacting with Toll-like receptors (TLRs). TLRs are a group of proteins that regulate endogenous immunity. TA-1 interacts with two TLRs found on dendritic cells and other immune cells to stimulate an immune response. [R]

TA-1 has also been shown to increase the production of alpha and gamma interferons (IFNs). IFNs are proteins that are part of your body’s natural defenses. Besides telling your immune system that there are toxic cells in your body, IFNs trigger immune cells to fight those invaders. [R]

This synthetic peptide also increases interleukin-2 (IL-2) production and the expression of IL-2 receptor (IL-2R). IL-2 are types of small proteins that regulate the activity of white blood cells, which are responsible for immunity. IL-2 mediates its effects by binding to and increasing IL-2R expression. [R]

Thymosin Alpha 1 Benefits

Thymosin Alpha 1 is arguably one of the most beneficial peptides out there. As noted above, this compound can stimulate cell mediated immune responses and act directly to prevent infections, viruses, and diseases from spreading further in the body.

It can also minimize the multiplication of unhealthy cells, especially the ones infected with lung and skin cancer, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Furthermore, it can increase the effectiveness of already-used therapies for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

There is also evidence to suggest that this synthetic peptide may help prevent respiratory disorders from becoming worse. These include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Here are the various benefits of the Thymosin Alpha-1 supplement:

1)   Improves survival rate of sepsis patients

Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an infection. It can threaten your life.

A systematic review of clinical trials reported that Thymosin Alpha-1 increased the short-term survival rate of severe sepsis patients.. This supplement also reduced illness severity, the time patients spent on the ventilator, and the duration of their stay in the ICU. [R]

It should be noted that TA-1 isn’t an FDA-approved treatment for sepsis. It shouldn’t be used as a standard treatment for this condition, which includes various therapeutic measures.

2)   Increases the effectiveness of HIV treatments

TA-1 has shown promise as a potential adjunctive treatment for HIV.

A pilot study showed that TA-1 augmented the efficacy of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in HIV patients. HAART therapy stops the virus from replicating in the body. It uses a combination of three or more drugs to slow down the development of AIDS. [R]

Another study reported that TA-1, in combination with two anti-HIV drugs, decreased HIV-1 RNA load and increased the number and function of CD4+ T cells. Equally importantly, this drug was well-tolerated. [R]

3)   Suppresses hepatitis B and C viruses

In the US, about 90% of chronic hepatitis cases are caused by hepatitis B and C.

A meta-analysis of 5 clinical trials showed that TA-1 could suppress the replication of hepatitis B in the body and increase the effectiveness of standard hepatitis B treatments. [R]

A separate meta-analysis reported that TA-1 can be effective in treating hepatitis C when used as a combined therapy with interferons. [R]

4)   Might inhibit the spread of breast cancer

Preclinical studies have shown that TA-1 can be effective against breast cancer.

According to these cell-based studies, this synthetic peptide can suppress the spread of breast cancer cells and induce their death. TA-1 can also reportedly enhance the activity of a gene (PTEN) that is proven to prevent tumor growth in the body. [R]

5)   May improve the survival of lung cancer patients

Two clinical trials have reported positive effects of TA-1 on lung cancer.

When administered to patients with lung cancer, TA-1 improved immune parameters, relapse-free time, and overall survival. The improvements were especially significant in patients with non-bulky tumors, which constitute up to 50% of lung cancer patients. [R]

6)   Can be effective against respiratory disorders

In clinical studies, TA-1 has demonstrated its efficacy against:

  • COVID-19: A 2022 study in China reported that TA-1 treatment improved the non-recovery rate in COVID-19 patients. It also reduced in-hospital mortality and length of ICY stay of critically ill patients. [R]
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: COBD refers to a group of diseases that cause difficulty in breathing. A clinical study has reported that TA-1 might prevent this condition from exacerbating. [R]

Thymosin Alpha 1 Results

Multiple users have shared their Thymosin Alpha 1 results on Reddit.

One user reported that after taking TA-1 for 3 months, he noted a significant improvement in his immune system. He further stated that while he used to get sick easily, he now ‘hard gets sick at all’.

Another user reported that TA-1 ‘saved me from debilitating fatigue’ and ‘resolved a case of ‘pityriasis rosea’, a common skin condition that causes temporary rashes on the body.

A third user suggested that TA-1 works best when supplemented alongside BPC 157. He noted that after stacking the two peptides, his knees ‘no longer hurt when going downhill’.

Thymosin Alpha 1 Dosage

To boost your immunity, the 1-2 mg dosage range is the most optimal.

If you weigh less than 88 lbs, it is suggested to stick to the lower end of this dosage range. Once you’re sure your body can tolerate this dose, increase it to the maximum amount.

One TA-1 dosage cycle typically lasts for 6 to 12 months. Remember that this drug can cause a transient increase in ALT levels. So it shouldn’t be used alongside prescription medication for lung disease.

How to Take Thymosin Alpha 1?

Thymosin Alpha 1 is usually administered via subcutaneous injection into the abdomen.

Like the majority of synthetic peptides, TA-1 has poor bioavailability. This means that if ingested orally, your digestive system’s enzymes will break down this compound before it can exert its effects.

The injection route (which allows this supplement to bypass the digestive system and directly enter the bloodstream) is thus more effective.

Where to buy Thymosin Alpha 1?

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Pure Rawz provides reference materials with every product we sell. All of their products come with an independent, third-party-issued Certificate of Analysis for identification, purity, and concentration. 

Pure Rawz also offers free international shipping on all orders above $100. You can pay for your purchase through various methods, including PayPal and Bitcoin.

Thymosin Alpha 1 Side Effects

side effects

Thymosin Alpha 1 appears to be a safe and well-tolerated drug. In clinical trials involving more than 3,000 patients, this supplement didn’t cause any life-threatening effects.

However, as with any drug, adverse effects may occur in rare cases. Stop using this drug and contact a doctor if you notice/experience any of these symptoms:

  • Erythema
  • Skin rashes
  • Hand edema
  • Transient muscle atrophy
  • Elevation in ALT levels


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Thymosin Alpha 1 is a synthetic version of a natural peptide.

Multiple clinical studies have shown that TA-1 improves the survival rate of sepsis patients and decreases the illness severity, time spent on the ventilator, and duration of stay in the intensive care unit.

It has also been found that this synthetic peptide could suppress the replication of hepatitis B and C in the body. Plus, it could increase the efficacy of specific HIV treatments, such as highly-active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).


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