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Behemothlabz Vendor Review (2023)

BehemothLabz Review


In 2014, Behemothlabz was founded with the vision of meeting the escalating demand for top-notch Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) and Peptides tailored for research purposes. Throughout its journey, Behemothlabz has consistently aimed to deliver the highest quality SARMs and peptide compounds for research, earning the moniker “The Year of Behemothlabz” in 2014. The company’s dedication to prioritizing product quality and customer service has propelled its mission to establish itself as a premier provider of premium research compounds. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive information, we will be reviewing Behemothlabz. Stay tuned for insights into the offerings of Behemothlabz as we continue to explore the landscape of products available for research purposes.


BehemothLabz, founded in 2014, has quickly become a leading provider of high-quality research compounds like Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS) and peptides. As demand for these compounds continues to expand rapidly, driven by researchers and scientists looking to study and utilize them further, BehemothLabz has moved to expand its inventory and production capabilities significantly.

Throughout 2022, BehemothLabz has increased its in-house manufacturing of top-tier SARMS, offering several new compounds while optimizing the production of existing best-sellers. The company also established relationships with multiple overseas suppliers to source larger quantities of its wide catalog of peptides to avoid stock-outs. Their inventory now includes multitudes of the most sought-after peptides, including Sermorelin, Ipamorelin, and Follistatin. 

By enhancing its production and sourcing capacity, BehemothLabz has positioned itself to readily supply customers with the compounds they require for their research needs. As the market expands, the company stands ready to add new compounds and continue growing its diverse inventory, which already leads the industry. With these efforts, BehemothLabz continues to work to fulfill the goal it set during its founding in 2014 – cementing its reputation as the top provider of premium research compounds on the market today.

Product DosagePrice
Top 5 SARMs
SR-9009 Stenabolic Capsules20mg/60ct/1.2grams$134.98
Andarine S4 Liquid30ml/53mg per ml/1600mg$82.48
MK-677 Ibutamoren Capsules20mg/60ct/1.2g$123.98
Cardarine Injectable10ml/64mg per ml/640mg$108.48
RAD-140 Testolone Capsules20mg/30ct/600mg$79.48
Top 5 Stacks 
The White Kong Stack30mg/60ct/1.8g$169.98
Demigod Capsules50mg/40ct/2g$149.98
Behemoth Capsules90mg/40ct/3.6g$219.98
Iron-Cut Stack90mg/60ct/5.4g$296.98
The Incredible Bulk95mg/60ct/5.7g$232.48
Top 5 Peptides
Melanotan 210mg$84.98
BPC 15710mg$89.98
TB 50010mg$169.48
Top 5 Prohormones
1-Andro Capsules50mg/30ct/1.5g$58.98
4-Andro Transdermal60ml/67mg per ml/4g$73.48
Bromantane Capsules85mg/60ct/5.1g$74.48
7-Keto DHEA Transdermal60ml/67mg per ml/4g$102.48
SR-9011 Liquid30ml/33mg per ml/1000mg$122.00
Top 3 Kratom
Gold Borneo Kratom20ml/60mg per ml/1200mg$68.48
Green Royal Borneo Kratom120 capsules$51.48
White Royal Borneo Kratom120 capsules$51.48


As a leading supplier of high-quality research compounds like SARMS and peptides, BehemothLabz has always strived to provide exceptional value to match its premium offerings. The company competes in a market that has seen drastic price inflation recently, especially as demand rises for these innovative compounds. Despite these pressures, BehemothLabz has actively contained its pricing through 2022 and into 2023.

While many research compound suppliers have increased prices this past year, BehemothLabz has held pricing steady on its top sellers like RAD-140 and MK-2866. Strategic inventory expansion allowed the company to lock in costs and continue efficiently manufacturing its line of potent SARMS. Behemoth Labz also leveraged growing order volumes to negotiate discounts with peptide manufacturers and pass additional savings onto customers.

The pricing philosophy of providing robust value has been central to BehemothLabz since its foundation in 2014. As the company continues cementing itself as the leader in premium research compounds, it reaffirms this commitment to pricing, even amidst market volatility. For both new and returning customers, BehemothLabz maintains its goal of building long-term relationships – delivering enhanced value positions their offerings to support researcher needs now and well into the future.


BehemothLabz Commits to Quality with Extensive Lab Testing and Analysis:

As a rapidly growing supplier of premium research compounds, BehemothLabz has strongly emphasized quality control and testing initiatives to ensure the purity and reliability of its materials. Through internal processes and third-party examination, the company subjects all batches of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMS), peptides, and other compounds to rigorous evaluation at multiple stages.

Once a new batch is synthesized, BehemothLabz pulls samples shipped to an accredited independent laboratory for purity analysis. Scientists test the materials and compounds using cutting-edge analytical equipment under strict procedural guidelines. The results clarify the quality of each specific batch down to the percentage, giving BehemothLabz the full picture to approve or refine the batch as required to meet pharmaceutical-level standards.

In addition to this third-party testing, BehemothLabz traces and tracks each batch throughout the production process. By monitoring each material batch at every step – from initial synthetic reactions to final independent analysis – BehemothLabz can uphold unmatched quality control, transparency, and purity levels. This commitment to excellence through internal tracking and independent laboratory testing solidifies BehemothLabz’s reputation for premium research compounds amongst researchers and scientific communities. As demand expands for its catalog of compounds, this emphasis on quality drives the company forward.


BehemothLabz Delivers Speed & Reliability for Research Compounds Shipping:

When serving the rapidly expanding global demand for premium research compounds, the ability to ship orders quickly and reliably is essential for suppliers like BehemothLabz. The company has leaned into improving its shipping operations to fast-track deliveries securely and traceably.

Customers from international research institutions to small U.S. laboratories rely on BehemothLabz to rapidly fulfill orders for compounds like SARMS, peptides, and more. The company now offers free shipping for orders over $300. They also provide tracking information within 24 hours so researchers can plan experiments based on expected arrival. By leveraging large logistics partners, BehemothLabz can reach most countries within 5-7 days – meeting rising expectations for fast, traceable delivery.

The company still subjects all shipments to rigorous security protocols to prevent any undue delays from additional screening. They also use inconspicuous packaging without product labeling. Secured payment terms before order fulfillment also protect client confidentiality and instill confidence in the reliable nature by which BehemothLabz values all orders.

Bulk discounts for larger purchases further incentivize repeat business and volume orders from labs planning extensive pharmaceutical research. As demand for premium compounds expands globally each year, the ability to facilitate rapid, confidential shipping will become an even greater differentiator – and BehemothLabz continues innovating to lead the way.


BehemothLabz Offers Flexible and Secure Payment Methods:

BehemothLabz has implemented various flexible and secure payment methods. These options facilitate smooth transactions for both international and domestic clients while protecting confidentiality.


Many customers prefer using PayPal to purchase compounds, as BehemothLabz has set up an integrated business account allowing large order values. 


Behemoth Labz allows clients to securely pay using Venmo, a payment platform that enables transfers directly from a bank account or card. Domestic and international clients can leverage Venmo to seamlessly process transactions with Behemoth Labz while maintaining confidentiality through encrypted channels. With flexible integration, Venmo facilitates payments across various mediums for Behemoth Labz customers.


Behemoth Labz allows clients to conveniently pay using Zelle, a payment platform that enables direct bank-to-bank transfers. By integrating Zelle, Behemoth Labz offers domestic customers a streamlined way to send and receive payments instantly while maintaining security through bank-level encryption. Customers can use their existing bank’s Zelle platform to seamlessly conduct transactions with Behemoth Labz and have peace of mind that their data remains confidential through the encrypted transfer process. Zelle’s flexibility and ease of use facilitate dependable payments for Behemoth Labz’s client base within the United States.


Crypto payments are also accepted, providing discreet transactions. Purchases can be conducted in major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to deliver another layer of security.


BehemothLabz accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit and debit cards for more traditional payment methods. Their payment system is entirely secured through leading providers, using encryption and fraud protection to ensure integrity in processing all transactions regardless of size. Besides cards, direct checking account payments are also enabled through secure business platforms.

By supporting this diverse range of transaction options, from PayPal and crypto for confidential purchases to standard card payments and bank transfers, BehemothLabz can readily facilitate essential compound research for individual scientists and big laboratories. Secure payment capabilities match seamless global shipping services, allowing BehemothLabz to provide an elevated service level within the vital premium compounds supplier industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly are shipments fulfilled, and what if orders are delayed/missing? 

BehemothLabz leverages partners to ship most standard orders worldwide within 5-7 days via discreet, secure delivery. If shipment issues occur, customers should check tracking updates or contact support. Rare situations are resolved with reshipment or refund.

What type of purity assurance or CoAs are provided? 

Extensive third-party lab testing provides full compound purity analysis down to the percentage, while internal tracking from production to shipping maintains integrity. Updated CoAs are accessible for every batch.

Are there opportunities for discounts or bulk order promotions? 

Yes, beyond everyday low prices, BehemothLabz runs specials for first orders, reusable coupons on repeats, and additional bulk order discounts that grow with purchase volume.

How secure and confidential is ordering? 

BehemothLabz only uses leading encrypted payment systems to protect transactions. Product info is absent from the packaging, and delivery requires a signature to prevent access issues. Support is also available 24/7 for any other questions.


BehemothLabz Makes Waves with New Merchandise Line:

BehemothLabz recently launched its line of branded merchandise. According to the company’s announcement, BehemothLabz worked with designers and manufacturers for months to create unique products that channel the daring spirit of their business. 

The product line includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, and other accessories. Bright colors and dynamic graphics characterize the apparel and other items, featuring images of explosions, eccentric scientists, and the BehemothLabz logo. The company boasts of high-quality and comfortable products for everyday wear.

The new merchandise recently became available for online purchase through the BehemothLabz website. The company has a huge selection of stocks.  According to sales numbers shared by the company, the products have sold extremely well so far. Multiple items have already sold out once and have been restocked. 

With its vibrant new product line, BehemothLabz brings its adventurous science venture straight into its fans’ wardrobes. The merchandise allows the public to display their love through unconventional clothing and accessories as dynamic as the company. More unique items are expected as the product line expands.


The company recently implemented an integrated customer loyalty program to foster lasting relationships and encourage repeat business from devoted customers.

The rewards program tiers pricing discounts based on lifetime order history, automatically applying bigger savings for returning clients with a record of multiple purchases.

On top of rewarding brand loyalty with reduced pricing, BehemothLabz provides free expedited shipping for orders surpassing $300 for its loyalty program members. This caters well to the bulk buyers and research institutions that drive repeat business. Account dashboards also make it simple for customers to track order history and accumulated discounts.

By incentivizing lasting relationships rather than one-off sales, BehemothLabz aims to serve better scientists and researchers undertaking long-running studies dependent on a consistent compound supplier. Early reception has been positive for the loyalty program as customers continue returning to take advantage of growing discounts. In a market driven by service and specialization, this program befits the customer-centric approach on which BehemothLabz has built its leading reputation.


BehemothLabz isn’t just a supplier of research compounds; it’s a trailblazer in the field, redefining what it means to provide top-notch products and services. Since its start in 2014, BehemothLabz has committed itself to delivering excellence, earning its reputation as the go-to source for researchers and scientists.

Picture this: a place where cutting-edge compounds meet unparalleled customer service. BehemothLabz, in its journey from “The Year of BehemothLabz” to now, has become a beacon of quality. The expansion of its inventory is like unwrapping a treasure chest for researchers, offering a vast array of peptides, SARMS, and more – everything a curious mind needs.

In a market where prices seem to skyrocket, BehemothLabz stands out by keeping things steady. Your favorite compounds, like RAD-140 and MK-2866, remain affordable. How? Strategic moves like inventory expansion and manufacturer discounts make it happen. BehemothLabz believes that premium quality shouldn’t break the bank.

Quality control is the heartbeat of BehemothLabz. Every batch undergoes rigorous testing, both internally and by independent labs. This isn’t just about compounds; it’s about a commitment to purity, transparency, and meeting pharmaceutical standards. BehemothLabz isn’t satisfied unless you get the best.

And let’s talk about getting what you need when you need it. BehemothLabz isn’t just shipping – it’s a well-orchestrated symphony of speed, security, and reliability. Your compounds reach you in 5-7 days, no matter where you are. Free shipping for orders over $300 is just a cherry on top.

Confidentiality matters, and BehemothLabz gets that. From inconspicuous packaging to a signature-required delivery, your privacy is safeguarded. And when it comes to paying, choose what suits you. PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, credit cards, or even crypto – they’ve got you covered.

But BehemothLabz isn’t just about compounds. It’s a lifestyle. Introducing their new merchandise line – wear the adventure, the excitement, and the spirit of BehemothLabz. It’s not just about compounds; it’s about a community of researchers pushing boundaries.

BehemothLabz knows how to treat loyalty. Their customer loyalty program isn’t just about discounts; it’s about building relationships. The more you explore, the more you save. It’s BehemothLabz saying, “We’ve got your back for the long run.”

Why choose BehemothLabz? Because it’s not just a supplier; it’s a partner in your research journey. Quality, affordability, speed, and a dash of adventure – that’s BehemothLabz. Embrace the best; embrace the future with BehemothLabz.


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